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Liquid Sky Lacquer Spring 2016 Collection Swatches

Hey stamperistas,

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Let me try to hold myself back. Wait never mind let me just tell it.  Good googly moogly - Liquid Sky Lacquer has kindly asked me to swatch for them! Hahaha yes that's absolute joy you hear in my "voice". After all if you are following this blog you know darn well how much I love this brand and how much I adore adore adore Carolyn's polishes.  They are stunning! The thermals make me want to die and sometimes I have fantasies where I take gentle bathes in their holographic magic.  Ahem, coming back to myself and out of my insanity.  Today I have the Spring 2016 Collection to show to you and good gracious is it all kinds of magic!

Hillside Wildflowers

Is a glitter topper of yellow, lavender, and pink matte glitters with a purple shimmer.  This polish is gorgeous.  Of the two glitter toppers included in this collection this one is my favorite!  This polish is what I call loaded.  You will never have to fish for glitters with this one because the base has plenty of everything including a generous amount of the shimmer.  For this swatch I just used the dab method after lightly sweeping off most of the glitter from the brush.  I did that so that I could control the amount of glitter placed on each nail.

Basecoat/Topcoat: UNT Peel Off Basecoat / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat
Gradient: Essie Sand Tropez and OPI Did Someone Say Party

Not only is this super springy, but somehow this gradient just adds so much magic here!  I love using glitters over gradients because I think it really helps make the glitter pop.  The best part is the tiny yellow matte glitters and the purple shimmer.  I love it!  As you can see here too the glitter is is all different sizes and shapes

Spring Is Popping!

SIP the other matte glitter from the spring collection.  This one has lavender, pink, and yellow hex matte glitter with blue microshimmer.  It's lovely!  I swatched this one over one coat of OPI I Sao Paulo Over There.  Its a very very soft mauvey-brown polish that works well with these colors.  I also used the dab method here for these swatches, but this time I used a wet sponge because it was very hard to pull off too many of the glitters from the polish without also removing too much shimmer.

This combination of glitters really feels like all the colors I associate with easter sunday as a child. Soft pink dresses and lace and white shocks with yellow frills ;)  I know that's a lot of color, but I'm a Southern girl so trust me when I say that's a mild color combo by comparison to some others.

See how gorgeous this is!  Also for both of these glitters the base had the perfect flow across my nails.  It just ended up turning itself into art which is the other reason by I love matte glitter polishes. 

I Love Chamoy

Blood oranges and soft holo.  That's what I thought of as soon as I saw this polish.  It has a golden shimmer in it as well.  This one is rich and beautiful.  I don't own a single polish in my collection that looks anything like this!  That makes it doubly attractive to me.  The swatches here are all 2 coats + topcoat.  I will say that the formula on this is a little thicker so its best to let each coat dry first to prevent drag.

You see what I mean about the blood orange right? Mmm now I want some of that same flavored Sanpelligrino ;)

Just gorgeous and extremely flattering on my skin tone. I love bold and rich colors like these.  It was hard for me just to swatch these and not start creating art right away!

Perfectly Peach

Literally the perfectly neutral soft peach that the name invokes with very soft holo.  It also has that same soft golden overtone as I Love Chamoy.  This one is also 2 coats + topcoat.  I recommend once again letting the polish dry between coats to prevent drag.

This color is the one of the entire collection that I wanted to create something beautiful with the most. I also feel the strong and overwhelming need to create a gradient with this one.  I will always always love Carolyn's holos and this is one of my favorites as it's particularly soft

Pretty right? It also scream spring oh and peach snapps oh and hard lemonade! Ok bring on the summer refreshments!

My Favorite Jeans

MFJ is my absolute favorite from the entire collection.  Its a strong linear holo thermal that transitions from a deep dark charcoal color (thats right its not black despite looks) to a cool icy gray.  It's stunning! Btw this is basically a one coater.  I put on two, but the formula on this one is flawless and and a bit on the thin side (which is the way I like my holos) so I could really build it up.

So lovely right?  Really just beautiful!

Transitioning - I actually had such a hard time getting my hands warm enough to show the transition. My hands are always about 2 degrees from freezing.

Warmed up to the light gray silver with beautiful holo throughout.

So what do you think? These polishes are all so pretty any one of them would make lovely polishes for spring and definitely for spring nail art.  I'll be doing some revisiting on that front for sure especially Perfectly Peach and Hillside Wildflowers!  These polishes released last weekend and so are now currently available in the Liquid Sky Lacquer store.  They range from $10.50-12.50 USD. Polishes can be bought individually or as a set.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

These products were sent for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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