Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Pro Nail Art Stamping Plate Collection Expansion!

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As I said in my last post I've gotten pretty behind on my plate releases which is shame because there is plenty out there for sure to share so now I'm going to do my part and "help" you find all the latest and greatest.  First up is last week's release from MoYou London's Pro Collection.

I've said for a long time now that this is MYL's most versatile collection.  It's one my favorites and what's best about it is that it works year round for any occasion.  Just like a pro ;)

I love how sweet these patterns are particularly the star and sun shaped patterns. These are all super retro style floral designs from the bygone days which I think makes them even cooler!  Of course I would never buy this plate because the patterns are insanely small but still love the imagery here. MYL created a really cute nail art using these patterns too!

Ummmm.  I don't like this plate.  I think my hatred of roses is starting to resurface and I realized it was this plate not the one above that MYL created the super cute mani from.  I realized it because I actually looked up the mani thinking hmmm cool but then I saw the plate and went blurg!  I dont know I'm not loving it though it is pretty classic.  Once again sizing on these images has me out of sorts.

Ok now we are talking!  I don't now why but this is feeling so Tropical Collection to me and I'm loving it!  I have to have this plate almost entirely because of the bottom row.  I'm going to disclude that basic looking daisy pattern in the lower lefthand corner that has me like :/  This does not fit the awesomeness of the plate.  However given its the only image I don't like here - SOLD!

Oh snap!  They went ahead and made the first plate in XL size and since this is my favorite of the two retro inspired florals I'm gonna also say - SOLD!

Nah - sorry even in XL size I cannot fathom buying this plate.  I love the image top row 3rd from the right but that's about it.  I just don't get this plate enough to love it, but I'm sure it will make some rose addicts girl very happy.  P.S. if you are reading this post and you are my man - obviously I have a love hate relationship with roses.  Better be safe and buy me some lilies or tulips instead!

Alright so like I said these plates released last week and are already up on the MoYou London website.  As usual these plates retail for 4.99GBP spend 15 GBP and get worldwide free shipping!  Discovered that last time I had to get my mat.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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