Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Suki Collection Expansion!

Hey stamperistas,

Suki girl no you didn't!  Oh yes she did :)  Lolol let me stop playing. MoYou London has expanded their Suki Collection again.  Let me stop for a moment and rant because its my blog and I'll rant if I want too.  Here goes.  Um ex-squeeze me MYL, but why on Earth did you release these luscious plates a week after you released your nail art mat which I just had to have and bought with flimsy justifications?  I mean you and I both know I love me some Suki plates.  Why you gotta play me like that? Rant over.  Gah!  Sukiiiiiiiiiii.  Ok um my bad, but really I cannot justify another purchase for these plates even though my heart went all doki doki when I saw them.  Don't believe me then take a look ;)

Suki looks like a model/hairdresser/rainbow colorist/badass I follow on Instagram by the name of DemonPuff aka Tilly aka kawaii demon rainbow bunny. Discovered her via Amy of SugarPill years ago and never looked back.  She is cool as....just like Suki!

Ginko ginko ginko.  The leaves with the splits are girlies the leaves with no splits are male.  Japanese maple - this candy is delicous.  Little fat kawaii bunnies and loads of need em abstracts that while not wholly original (I already have plates with images for the two images top row 1st and second from the right).  However this plate is necessary for my domination of all things Suki!

Ugh why are these in the tiny sizes? I need them bigger better badder and now!  Whey are there so many cool patterns on this plate? My heart bleeds!

Ok I feel a little better about it now, but it always irks me how if you choose the XL plates inevitably you miss some of the images from the smaller full nail sized plates unless they make a couple of the XL.  Sometimes I will get them anyway because I don't want to miss the patterns and MYL didn't overlap them completely for a collection.  I have definitely done that for the Tropical Collection.

I'm dead! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Btw MYL aside before I get into my rant about that awesome oni, but why is your Enchanted style leaking into other collections? P.S. I see it leaking into other platemakers collections as well (copy that copy cat - grrr) :/ Anyway...leaving out the enchanted style lucky kitty I must have to have ALLLL of these images!  The detailing here is so exquisite I can't even begin to emote how amazingly accurate and perfectly stylized these images are! Irezumi. That's the first thing I think of.  Put it on my nails immediately or I will sue! I'm not sure for what or who, but yeah gimme now!

8-9-3 inspired nails are definitely happening here when I get these! That oni <3!!!! Sigh. I'm just gonna leave this here.

Soooo what do you think? You may not have the frenzy in your soul like I do over these plates, but the cool kids still think they are cool ;) Lol kidding you can think whatever you like.  Me - I'm getting them!  These plates will be available on the MoYou London site on Friday March 4th.  They retail for the usual 4.99 GBP.  At this moment I really wish I had a money tree or you know 10 ;).  Happy hunting stamperistas.

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