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Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 8, Fast East 02, Mini UberMats, Jumbo Clear Jelly Stamper & More!

Holy crapoly stamp champs!

Nothing To Disclose

That title was a mouthful, but good googley moogley do I have some bombshells to drop on you today! UberChic Beauty has been BUSY.  Yes so busy it demanded caps.  Right now I'm pretty sure that Brittany is out to shock and awe and after such a successful year in the stamping game I have to say its amazing how her company is sitting right on top in terms of innovation and creativity.  I'm not gonna hype because these products are gonna do it all for themselves. Tell me below if you think the same.  Now let's just dive right in!

So I wanted to to say this right at the out start, but last month (?) UC had a snafu with the Spring plate.  Mistakes were made and apologies were issued. I purchased the plate myself, but everyone makes mistakes, and the last time I met a perfect person I flew - meaning I've never met one myself included.  I try to stay out of drama because it's a waste of time, but I wanted to take a moment to say sincerely that I believe as we make mistakes we grow and learn.  This is a fabulous company and the maker is a very kind person - the tears she shed and the upset she suffered behind that mistake count for something with me.  The upset of many of the people who follow my blog counts to me as well.   In a perfect world everyone would be happy, but the world is far from perfect.  I think its time to move on and accept apologies offered with the grace and heartfelt sentiment in which they were given.  I hope everyone understands where I'm coming from with that statement and that everyone can reach a place of peace.  Now let's do this thing!

Let me stop to take a moment and point out some designs done by Oooh Shinies - the nested circles which I actually think are so beautiful!  They drew my eye first along with the bubbles.  I've actually been wanting to do another soap bubbles mani for a really long time and \ I think now is the time. This plate is deeply complex because of all the geometrics, scrolls, filgaree, and tiny tiny detailing (see cute and adorable baby acorn).  As you know I'm a hard core abstract girl.  I need everything here lolol.  Btw the Hot Mess stamp was inspired by a recent trip Brittany took to Honduras.  Let's just say the jungle is no place for a lady of such refined tastes lololol.

Wait pause for a moment 2nd row from the bottom first from the left.  You - where have you been all my life!!!!! Are you a crystal or a snowflake and do you want to come home with me?  None of your answers matter anyway because you are MINE!

On the right hand side of the plate the images on rows 2 and 3 were also designed by Oooh Shinies. And lord have mercy these image are gorgeous!  I'm not sure if they are supposed to be cathedral glass or lace or flowers but they are stunning.  I see some complex detail work coming.  "Mmmmmm donuts." A phrase uttered by perhaps one of the most reprehensible and beloved specimens of a man I have ever seen - one Homer J. Simpson.   I need these donuts because I don't own any donut plates and because I love donuts and because these extremely detailed lilies in the bottom lefthand corner are calling. What's funny is this plate still has enough basics to not be overwhelming to the mid-entry level stamper.  I don't know how Brittany did that but the balance is perfect.  Btw don't think I didn't see you tribalequse image in the lower righthand corner.  I'm coming for you! Boom phrasing ;) Lololol you have to be in a certain fandom to get that joke or a 12 year old boy ;)

Roses are red, violets are blue, the last time I saw a rose I said screw....hahaha kidding! Yes yes you know my usual spiel about how I've seen so many roses that my soul is withering.  Except you also know I recently did an epically gorgeous IMO mani featuring the little buds for Valentine's Day.  So what exactly is my deal with these flowers? Gah I don't know!  These are beautiful though, and they look like they can be plucked right off the page.  Curse you Brittany for tempting me with these lush lovelies ;)   Also I'm feeling these kaleidoscope style filagree images as well.  This plate has a lot of basic elements and it works, at least for me in part because it has some select complex images that can be thrown in as a focal or an accent depending on the mani you are going to try.  

Overall I like Collection 8 lot!  It feels like a very balanced and refreshing collection.  Which means I must have everything ;)  Stand aside or be mown over in my pursuit of these pretty babies!

Oh hey what are you doing in here?  That's right gasp UC is making rectangular plates now?!? Get out!! And guess what? This one is aimed for all those mini aspiring stamparistas out there!  Now you can take these images that still will work on adults, but not overwhelm our itty bitties and stamp away!  I call that mother daughter son bonding time.  That's right! I have stamped little boys nails too! For sports and the like.  We really shouldn't discriminate between the sexes.  Sometimes little boys will ask for a stamp on their hands like a tattoo and it will work if you use the right opaque stamping polish :) So just keep that in mind!  Anyway this whole concept is just too adorable for words, and finally you have a use for the tiny stamping pad on the other side of your XL stamper (the classic black ones dears).

"Strap it to my veins!" I remember a line like that though I'm blanking on the show - Seinfeld, The Simpsons? It will come to me but yeah gimme all the coffee!  When I was younger I had the most appalling attitude in the world if I woke up in the morning and had to interact with humans without the filter of coffee first.  To say I was pissy would be an understatement.  I've come back from those dark days, but I still love me a hot coffee to start off the day or continue it.  I love a good french press on Sunday mornings and a sugar free coffee frappachino in the summer.  In short there is never enough coffee and therefore there shall never be enough coffee plates! I have decreed it and a such it is law ;)  I believe there is one UC set already that has some coffee images so if you don't have that one this is a great way to scoop some caffeinated elements without having to snag a whole set ;)

My life in paris was one of the best books I have ever read, but I am no romantic.  Thank god this plate is so chic ;) It has typography which is beautifully printed and in french btw.  The quote is from Antoine de Saint-Exupery and means "Love does not consist in looking at each other, but rather in, together, looking in the same direction." Amen to that practical jazz! I know a few people who could use that message.  Personally I was looking at the shoes and the bike, but he should be looking at my nails which are also fly ;) Lol I really am joking, but not about the shoes! I never joke about shoes.

Anyway this plate is cute! One thing that strikes me as particularly wonderful here is how whimsical this plate comes off.  I have a lot of paris inspired plates, but none quite like this.  The lamp post, and the cafe seating complete with umbrella, and the tiny and absolutely perfect poodle.  It works and for the more romantic of you out there the hearts and entwined couple will only sweeten the deal.  Btw I'm not sure who the girl on the plate is supposed to be but she is stunningly detailed!

I've been waiting for this moment all of my life! Ok that's a gross overstatement, but cereal and milk! Did you just create an entire plate of succulents which are my ultimate favorite most beloved plant ever?  I gushed about that singular image when the Wild West plate released, but here it is a whole plate!!! Hallelujah!!! Yaaaasssssssss.  I can't even think breath.  Ack look at aloe so cute so cute. Dead! I need it!!!!

Excuse me miss, what's your name...can you come hang with me...possibly? ;) Lol yes Jay-Z rolled right through my head when I saw this.  Freaking gorgeous gorgeous plate!!!  Yes I'm biased yes everybody and their mother knows I love me some Asian inspired images particularly beautiful ones rolled into abstract images that make my heart weep.  Ok look at that freaking epic dragon! I just had the mightiest plategasm of all time.  That's it I'm here...


Hold up wait a minute let me get my hands up on it!  That's right, every time you think that this company has done something that changes the way the game is played they raise the stakes again. Remember UberChic Beauty was the first company to release stamping mats and in the aftermath how many companies have basically copied their idea and tried for their own version? Too many in fact that's why I have a whole page and a post dedicated to tackling and comparing them.  So what's this? Omo (yes omo)... a mini version of the original in decal mat form!  It's still got those color testing areas and the best part is it fits areas that the original wouldn't because its smaller.  That means a lot to me because my filming area is very tightly constrained and a smaller mat is just what the doctor ordered!

This mat measures 9 x 8 inches.  Yeah that means nothing to me either until I convert it over to metrics - 22.86 x 20.32 cm.  Yes I'm American, but I'm a scientist so I actually think in the metric system.  When's the last time I said Fahrenheit anything? Put it in Celsius damnit!!!  Ahem... ahhhhhh random non sequitur.   Anyway this mat is purrrfect!  Guess what? These mats also have a special coat added to them that's made to resist lint and dust <3  Go head girl - I see you doing your thing Brittany and I love it!!!

Oh snap what just happened here?  I think this is what we call progression.  I had been thinking in my head for the last month when is someone going to do a Jumbo/XXL stamper and low and behold here it is - Uberchic Beauty style.  You guys know I haven't reviewed any yet right? At least not of the smaller variety, but like the true addict and stamping fanatic I consider myself I own a slew - across all brands and makers from the softest to the hardest.  I'm very excited looking at this larger sized one because lets face it my nails tend toward the longer end of the spectrum. So yes I love a larger stamper.  

Brittany hasn't quite found the perfect holder for these bad boys yet, but what works well is apparently a 1.5 inch diameter beveled washer.  It will hold the pad perfectly and you can see everything.  I put a link for that here although I'm hardly miss fix it I bet you can find these at any hardware store or Walmart.  Because I neeeeed to test this one I'm going to go out and find one. They are pretty cheap at $2 USD for a 2 pack.  It felt kind of silly to pay an additional $5 in shipping to order online, but if you can't find them that's a good alternative.

So thoughts? What must you absolutely have to have?  This is a pretty epic release.  Not only some really truly gorgeous plates, but new sized plates, and new accessories for stamping as well.  A girl could go crazy wanting all this luxury it's really insane <3!  So there we have it.  The products are available on the UberChic Beauty website now.  Happy hunting stamperistas ;) Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!


  1. I had just told myself I am not buying any more stampers, then this happened! Of course I ordered one.

  2. I had just told myself I am not buying any more stampers, then this happened! Of course I ordered one.


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