Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Flower Power Collection

Yo stamp champs,

As promised another post today to catch up with all the plate releases that have been happening that I'm behind on.  This one is dedicated to the very newly released and very refreshing Flower Power Collection from MoYou London.  So let's just dive right in!

Mother Nature? My bad my bad....rofl I had too!

 It probably seems really unfair that I put the Pueen and MYL posts back to back, but it wasn't intentional in the least.  I'm just going down my drafts getting all the plates I've missed and this one was sitting right at the top.  Well second to the top, and let me pause and say I've been anticipating this one since last week when the news hit my inbox.  Damn MYL where'd you get these images from? Lolol

Let's talk about this for minute how basically MYL hit us with all these retro florals one release ago from the Pro Collection and they were down right refreshing (for the most part).  So exactly what on earth are they up to here?  And why are these images so evocative and so new that I'm literally squealing with glee?  I NEED NEED NEED this plate!

My more regular followers may recall a rant, or two or three but hey who's counting, where I basically got on my broomstick and said "NO MORE ROSES!!, ARE ROSES THE ONLY FLOWER?!?, GAH ROSES!!!".  Ahem and things of the like.  Then around the time of one of those rants UberChic Beauty answered my call.  Yeah she dropped some roses too but she dropped a whole lot more and from what I saw many many stamping enthusiasts flocked with open arms to that refreshing change of pace.  Where am I going with this?  Do some of these images look familiar to y'all?  Haha these above in particular.  I mean I see some twists but they are looking awfully UCish and B Loves Plates ish....

Does that mean I love them less? Hell no, but I'm pointing out some similarities as I always do.  Don't get me wrong these images are just different enough not to get the dead one dupe alert alarm, but some are pretty close.  I'm gonna take my hat of to MYL for all these negative image florals though! Well done cause mama ain't seen those anywhere!

Here its getting a little familiar for me one image second row 3rd from the left is definitely flowers from a Dashica plate I own, I think this image is also on one of the UC plates and also one other platemaker I'm blanking on but it will come to me eventually.  Third from the left bottom row also looks exactly like roses on one of the first sets of UC plates.  Its likely because of stock image usage, but, geh.  In any case since this plate is chock full a' roses I'm kinda like naw anyway.

Oh but I did forget to add - that image in the bottom row  1st from the right - holy crapoly!  Where did you come from because I have never seen one like you before!

Phew they dialed it back to fresh and new - thank you! I'm digging this whole freaking plate.  It reminds me a lot of the first two in this collection, and yeah these image are all novel with a capital N.

Like I said thanks MYL!  Oh what's this I just noticed the tiny little birds in that pattern on the top row.  How absolutely adorable!

Still keeping it fresh and dashing straight back into retro.  I'm loving it.  I know you all know what I mean.  Even if you aren't in love with these images they are just so new and interesting looking.  Some are definitely channeling those hideously colored prints from the 70's that can now be reimagined in full beautiful technicolor!

Hard plategasm - that is all.

Abstracted damask?  YES please!! Wait why are all of these cool images so tiny?  Come on XL size!

Alright I spoke too soon and I'm pleased here since they included that image bottom row first from the left!  I need that one immediately!

Paisely.  Popular as ever with me and a lot of other ladies.  BM did is first as far as I know.  I loved it the most on my MM plate and now I can make room for an entire plate of awesome straight from MYL.  Let me say it clearly - there can never ever be enough paisley print plates!  You may inscribe that on my tombstone.

Oh hello lover.  I've been waiting here for you with naked nails and polish.  Shall we?

Darling I love you!  I haven't told you enough but now I'm not holding anything back.  Let's never leave each other ok?

I mean really!  Gah!!!! So what pray tell do you think?  Aren't most of these plates just so darn cool?!?  I want to say all but the few dupes in there threw it off a little for me.  Otherwise yes hunty I'm feeling it!  My only thought otherwise about this collection is why MYL didn't just add it to the Mother Nature Collection.  It totally would have fit, but maybe they were going for a new vibe? I don't know, but I'm liking where they are going! These plates released last Friday on the MoYou London website.  They retail for the usual 4.99GBP.  Don't forget items over 15 GBP qualify for free international shipping.  I love MYL for bring free shipping back!  Happy hunting floristas and I'll see you next post...

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