Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Fashionista & Holy Shapes Collection

Hey stamperistas,
Nothing To Disclose

Quickie post today cause my world is all shook up because of finals and crap!  I hate not putting up mega posts or reviews on the weekend but its so clear its just not gonna happen until later next week. Prepare for a mad dash onslaught of reviews at that time as well as more nail art.  In the mean time I'll just be posting more catch up on plate releases.  Today I'm gonna talk about the new expansion happening from MoYou London's Fashionista and Holy Shapes Collection!

Fashionista mascot who basically frightens me per usual with her eclectic mix of patterns and fabrics and just...if this were Office Space - flare.  **shudders**

Oh but surprisingly they pull some lace outta that muddled hat.  I really don't understand the Fashionista Collection.  I have no idea what that scope of the collection is supposed to be about but it feels random to me. I don't own any of these plates because they have always seems kinda meh to me. I like this plate though!  The fatness of these lace patterns is channeling another lace plate I put on my wishlist some time ago - Pet'la's Toro.  Not bad MYL not bad at all...

Bigger is definitely not always better.  That image second row second from the right - I don't own a single other image like that one.  Very pretty and very delicate.  Overall this is an ok release for me. Not totally in love with anything here or spazing, but these would be nice plates to wishlist.  So what about the Holy Shapes?

Heoooollllll <----- Korean exclamation of full on disbelief.  One more time heol!!! Oh my freaking god...Becky look at her....lolol  No I'm dead.  I died immediately when I saw this in my inbox. Actually it was probably my wallet that wanted to die after I leapt onto the MYL website like a crazed beast and immediately put this into my cart along with the next one.  Lord save me from myself!  I own every plate from this collection pretty much.  It's my bae, my love, my sugar muffin, my snack cake, and my one dance all mixed in.  I live for these plates.  So yeah heol!

Mini 3D illusions?  Gtfo!!!! I swear I did a spit take when I saw this plate.  I have never ever ever seen one quite like this!  I'm not even sure how it will translate over onto my nails.  I don't care either I needed it fiercely disturbingly immediately.  I haven't loved a plate this much since....the last UberChic release.  Then I had to have everything too!  Lol review coming up for those btw.  Anyway everything about this plate made me crazy.  Its on the way to me right now.

Then I got shot in the foot by this basic motif plate. :/  I was honestly so shocked when I saw this because the first two plates were so unique and original.  Why are they taking up back to patterns recognizable from the very first Pro plates or even the more recent Hipster ones?  The plategasms prematurely stuttered...

Ugh I have some of these patterns on my Festive plates too.  I just realized.  Oh well can't win them all I guess.  Rofl! I know you guys are like what is with this bipolar personality (actually its more of a splitting personality) but come on how amazing were those 2 earlier plates then suddenly we got hit with a big old dose of banal.  I mean really?  -_-  killed the buzz.  BUT that still didn't stop me from grabbing those hot two I had wanted to add the newer Suki plates to the mix or even some of the new flowers plates, but stuff was seriously sold out.  I had some trouble this release.  Let me tell you all a little secret - I own 5 large binders worth of MYL plates.  They are absolutely full with some extra plates hanging around waiting for their new holder/home.  I love this company when they get it right (at least for my sweet spot).  So don't think I ever laud plates that I don't purchase myself.  It just doesn't work like that.  I end up buying the things I love too!  In any case these plates are all availalbe on the MoYou London website and retail for the usual 4.99 GBP.  They also released a version of the 100% see through Clear Jelly Stamper.  They tried to get cute and call it the Kaleidoscope stamper, but don't be fooled especially with that 7 GBP pricetag lolol.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post.

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