Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Trend Hunter Expansion!

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Happy Tuesday! Continuing forward with stamping plate releases that I fell behind on in the 2016.  I have a lot of catch up to do shockingly across one brand in particular MoYou London.  I'm going to go back and post up all the missed releases and then catch up with this years first release by the end of the week.  Let's get started on one of my favorite MYL Collections Trend Hunter.  This post features the last two expansions.

This feels a bit like they should be in the Holy Shapes Collection.  I mean that 80's mixed pattern vibe looks exactly like the Mascot from that collection.  Regardless I love the mixing and matching that is happening here!  As someone who's a hardcore fan of the Holy Shapes Collection clearly I'm going to love anything that's putting out the same vibe!

I'm definitely as size matters girl.  I have no idea if the Trend Hunter Collection is still limited edition.  I know when it first launched they said that, but all the plates are still available.  I went ahead and snatched this one right up!  I adore these patterns  and I'm working on some nail art with this plate right now ;)

Coming through with those Aiyoo Hehe vibes people referred to previously.  That is flowers meets textile patterns. I don't have the Aiyoo plates but I've seen them so I know what people are referring too.  I will say these mixed animal print patterns howevear whole original and fresh!

Some of these mixed flower patterns though such at that one on the right upperhand corner are somewhat hideous.  I hate all 70's inspired style flowers 90% of the time.  I just don't know what to do with them.  I feel a strange 70's vibe behind several of these images that is unfortunately killing it for me.  Oh well...

Shades of Egyptian inspired meets art deco! I love these images and I have to say they are totally unique to anything I've ever seen.   I was bummed when I saw the larger plate didn't contain all the images and these triple row plates have images that never fit my nails :(

So since I love this collection so much I already scooped several of these plates including the one above.  Here's hoping they expand this collection more and that triple row plate 07 gets totally realized across the XL sized plates.  Does anyone else love these plates or scoop them yet? If not you can find these plates on the MoYou London website.  They retail for 5.99 GBP + shipping which is free over 15GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

This post contains items purchased by me/ sent for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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