Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Animal Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

I skipped a few of the 2016 MoYou London collections and maybe a few expansions too.  I'm trying to catch that up this week.  I'll put up all of the latest collections except for one which will never ever grace my blog because the main content is one of my most hated creatures ever and I will never have their evil presence on my blog.  I of course am referring to the  the deceptively evil clowns from the Circus Collection :/  Ugh no...just no.  So other than that dreadful set everything else will be featured including this recently released Animal Collection jazz.  Let's go!

So how do I feel about the Animal Collection? Color me shades of on the fence.  I just can't get there with this one.  There are several plates with cute images like the one above however this whole collection feels a little basic and kinda overly simplistic.  Again the images are cute hell, some are even adorable, but this does nothing for me in terms of a hardcore plategasm.

Hey Kool-wala bear ;) See what I mean cute/  Not like crazy but really adorable.  I can kind of imagine myself buying this one though except for these tiny ass images kill it for me.  The floating elephants?  I need them they are so so squishy and yummy to me! Also the adorbs.

Ok I'd but this one..  I love the elephants and the zebras and giraffes.  I find the kuwala bears slightly creepy.  I also find the fish creepy and ugly.  Gah! Like I said utterly borderline on this one.

Hmmm not sure where I'm at with this one either.  The orchas and penguins I find compelling.  I like the little starfish.  I don't like the rabbits or bees or the fishbowls though that last has some potential.  I don't know.  I'm once again straddling a fence.  I'd probably pass on this plate.

SO here they took out some of the images I absolutely hated except now I see these hideous squirrels and groundhogs and I'm like yuck.  But then the little dinosaurs.  OMG! The little dinosaurs are purrfect and the norwals.  I'm so torn waaaahhhhh!

This plate is not the business.  Other than the penguins I like nothing.  I find the tiny pugs and owls are ok.  The rest is horrifying - pass!

Same as above.

Meercats are creepy in plateform but turtles are cute.  Thanks all.

Turtles and rabbits are cute.  Tiny little raccoons are cute too!

The lizards and snakes are amazing and fun.  This plate is cute I'll take it!

The lizards aren't all as cute enlarged but cute enough that I can see myself rocking them.  Plus crocodiles are so so cool! I love that these have teeny tiny eyes and teeth.

Enchanted collection is that you?  There's nothing wrong with this plate, but I'm not totally in love with it.  I like the birds and the reindeer images also  the bear.  So there we have it its the Animal Collection.  Love it, hate it, or just feel ambivalent about its available on the MoYou London website. Plates retail for the usuall 5.99 GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post

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