Friday, January 6, 2017

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 14 + New Singles!

Hello darlings,

Welcome to the new year!  And guess what I'm loving about the new year already? New UberChic Beauty plates hot off the mutha-f-ing stamping press and right into your telphone/computer/Ipad/etc for your drooling and viewing pleasure!   What's even better about this jazz?  It comes with an UberChic Beauty sale!  Yas mama details for that will be at the bottom but let's getting into my first plate press post of the year (I still have to backtrack a bit anyway) and the latest greatest collection from the brilliant mind of Brittany.  P.S. darling Happy 2nd Anniversary or as the Futurama gargoyle would say menacingly, 'Bon Anniversaire!"

The collage doodles are back darlings wiiiitttthhhh....butterflies!

This plate is so gorgeous it really hurts me!  What hurts the most? The 2 images on the upper right!  I'm LIVING for these images literally...maybe....definitely...yes ;)  Wink wink.   That doodle in the bottom is everything btw.  It's reading for me at least as like a psychedelic paisley dream.  I want it!

This here is my FAVORITE plate of the collection!  Something about this plate strikes me as effortlessly beautiful patterning.  Ok yeah ladies I know some of you are thinking..."of course you like this plate all these geometrics girl..." BUT yeah you are right I'm always feeling abstracts and geometrics but I also love these swirling flowers.  Somehow they are like strangely vibrant starfish. Gorgeous!
Ugh my heart just bottomed out!  I love this plate for many of the reasons I love the 2nd plate. However I will say I do not like these wide flower patterns here. I can tell you precisely why I am not a child of the 70's not even close but for some reason many of the flower patterns and geometrics that are reminiscent from this era rub me the wrong way.  Its just hard for me to get into it.  That's pretty much the only reason this plate isn't my favorite, because otherwise I'm loving every other pattern on this plate especially the two on the top left!  Yum yum darlings ;)

Love and marriage...something something something horse and carriage. This I tell your brother you can't have one without the other LOL!  Let me stop! Every time UC releases a L&M plate it triggers memories of the Married With Children theme OP.  Try try to separate them...its an illusion...try try and you will only come to this conclusion.  Is that a clanking of a jail cell door closing I hear?  LOLOLOL.  OMG dead!  Sorry...back on track.  Perfectly timed for the upcoming Valentine's Day festivus rolling up on us soon.  Franky the minute I saw that By Me Chocolate typography I was sold also the kiss ad the cascading hearts.  All of the images are completely novel, roses, lace, but there's enough here for those you that really love plates like this to make it a refreshing buy.  For me the typography here is the strongest and most innovative!

OMG!  I am living and dying for these streamers!!!  The nested arrowed cupcake party hats and balloons.  This plate is just so utterly adorable and over the top cute!  I think personally I will never look at streamers the same way again after seeing this plate.  In all honesty I do gush a lot about UberChic releases and if you asked me why its because Brittany always ends up adding some design some images some creation that make me swoon or gasp or rethink the way I've thought about nail art.  In other words after all these years she continues to make stamping fun for me and that's interesting and awesome considering how long I've been in a fan of stamping.  I'm glad and so happy that she came along and changed the world of stamping for the better!

I'm going to leave you with a few laughs and the good news that you can save 15% off your next order using the code above.  Al Bundy's best insults and yes I love me some Ed O'Neil sexist pig though he is lol!

Happy hunting and I'll see you next post! You can find everything above except Ed O'Neil on the UberChic Beauty website!

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