Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chrome & Flakies Nail Art + Tutorial

Hiya stamp champs,

Its been so long since I've painted my nails and to top things off I am fully on the "shorties" train!  I can't remember the last time my natural nails were this short but it is related to the fact that I've been so ill my nails haven't really been growing.  Also when I have had growth my nails have broken quickly.  This is the first time I'm experiencing a problem with sustaining my nail growth so I'll be posting some tips on how I'm getting my growth jump started again soon.    Anyway even though they are short they are still my nails and I still want them to be cute.  I'm finally breaking out some of my Black Friday purchases.  Yup....way back from Black Friday but give a girl a break I'm definitely so far behind in everything and doing some super simple super pretty stamping.

Hello black chrome!  I forgot to take a picture of my nails with just the black chrome powder, novice mistake of the rusty eh?, but  I'm sure I'll be using it again so I'll definitely get a snapshot.  In any case I love how the black chrome has this sort of blue gray overcast.  It's not really a pure black at a all especially from the angles. and that's why I chose to pair it with the duochrome opaque flakies. What a winning combo!

📌Whats Up Nails Multichrome Flakie in Exotic & Blossom: (on sale currently!) or Alternative Affordable Flakie Set:
📌What's Up Nails Black Chrome Powder: (site) or Amazon (via prime ie. free shipping)
📌Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat: or (Lot of 3)
📌Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat: (ebay) or (Amazon)
📌Elite 99 No Wipe Gel Topcoat: or OneDor

📌UNT Peel Off Basecoat:
📌 Stamping plate: Moyra 60 Cuts
📌Moyra Gel Stamping Polish in Black: (gray) or direct website
📌 Moyra Foil Stamping Polish: (black), (silver), and (white)
📌 Bliss Kiss See Through Stamper: or
📌 Latex Free Cuticle Guards: (ebay) or (amazon)
Clean Up Brush Pure #4 : (amazon prime via what's up nails)
Born Pretty Powder Clean Up Brush (for some reason I've been having difficulties accessing the BPS website so I wasn't able to provide you a link for this product, but any makeup face brush will do!)

Do you all still like chromes and flakies?  While I've been out of the loop I still love the same things I love just as much...holo, foil, multi-chrome and ALL the powder finishes.  I wanted something simple and pretty but also something I could ease into.  I also am feeling some kind a way by these budgy sized nails.  They are so short I'm like eeeeehhhhh.  They haven't been this size since I had budding aspirations of becoming a cardiac surgeon.  Then I kept my nails so tiny if you go back to the beginnings of my IG and blog you can see they were short AF.

I'm going to try to look the current length of my nails as a challenge I do have tons and tons of plates so there is no excuse for not being able to create beautiful nail art even on the shortest nails.  So I'm kinda looking forward to rising to the the challenge and I have a ton of untrieds - plates, polishes, & tools  so I have plenty to work with.   Isn't this so pretty?  I mean these flakes just shift and shift and shift.  I actually don't own too many flakies and these were only snagged because the sale was so good during BF I couldn't resist.  One I got from Forever 21 and they were like $7!  Insanity!

I hope this tutorial made sense - again I did not use regular stamping polishes but instead gel stamping polishes from Moyra which was a first for me.  I will be posting a full fledged review on these since I'd been dying to try them since they were announced and now I have them all I'm so excited to try so many ideas while using them to expand my technique.  Now all Moyra needs to do is get on expanding the color range because right now its kinda pathetic.  I mean who doesn't create a nude shade?  Sigh.

You may be wondering why did I chose to use a regular gel topcoat and not stick to my no wipe gel topcoat for the final step of my nail art.  The answer is for a few reasons though you can just as easily use a water based topcoat...think Picture Polish revolution or even just another coat of UNT.   All no-wipe topcoats are extremely porous i.e. they allow substances like flakies, powders, etc to stick & sink into gaps in these areas where there are larger pores.  Hence I want to use a polish that doesn't have that property so that my art wouldn't dull with time and sleep while touching my sheets in bed. Hence the Gelish.  At the end this was really turned out beautifully I actually thought about planks a acing more stamping on the chrome but I thought it would distract from all the shift and iridescence.  I sometimes forget simple stamping can be super elegant.   I hope you all liked my first nail art in a bit.  I wonder do you like my nails longer or shorter?  I've always had them so long its never dawned on me, but in fact they may not grow out while I'm so sick.  In any case thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!


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