Friday, June 22, 2018

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 27, Moroccan Beauty, & New Holo Plate Storage!

Hay my fellow stamperistas,
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I've got the latest yummy and decadent releases from one of my favorite platemakers to share with yo - UberChic Beauty!  Honestly I was so shocked when I saw this was their 27th set of plates.  Brittany has been busy and as with her previous collection there is definitely something present for everyone.  This release also features some cuticle clean up product and more storage solutions for those of us who are utterly plate addicted.  So without further ado let's dive into the shiney goodies!

Here we go!

 The first plate of this collection happens to be my favorite of them all mainly because of the stunning and super cool swirling radiating star images!  I love these so freaking much!  Also this plate has so many radiating geometrics it makes me happy.  I'm utterly looking forward to playing with this one!

 Then along comes the plate of negative imagery.  One of my favorite plays on nail art are inverse images.  I've noticed that UberChic Beauty has been creating plates with inverse and negatives since the very start and that has sort of drawn me into her plates as I've gone along.  Nobody does it better and so of course I want them all!  I will say I don't love the floral pattern at the bottom of this plate as some might.  It feels super congested, but it may come together if I could stamp it out and experiment a bit.

See what I mean about the inverse imagery?  Elements on each of these plates plus the middle row features some little accents.  I think that saves this plate because the top row images are a bit familiar to those who have seen the MYL Illusion plates and many other plates out there, magic eye, optic illusions from another indie so these lend the plate some freshness.  I have to say I love the safety pin image as well that's a new one I haven't seen around.  Now do you have any favorites from this set?

Next up is Moroccan Beauty a plate inspired by Mediterranean imagery and artwork!  This plate features lots of open frescos and open tilework.  These remind me a teeny tiny bit of the images from the designer series small plates from DRK only in the complexity of the imagery though the patterns are not at all the same. 

This plate has so many complex abstracts its hard to pic one that I like the most but I l have to say last column from the right 3rd row and first image from the right is stunning!  I love it!  You could seriously use this plate twenty times and create a different look every time.  Sold!

We've now come to my biased but favorite portion of this release!  As I look to reorganize my life, after all I'm now on wheelchair so my home space has had to undergo some substantial changes, I find myself changing over the organization of my collection, and so this folder comes both in handy and timely fashion!  Plus its freaking holo and beautiful.  Holding up to 37 plates I love that its a binder style holder with pages that can be moved around easily for quick reorganizing!  I love the generosity of sizing and that you can swap the plates around within the binder easily.  I'm gonna need like 5 of these stat! How about you?  Currently my plates of this size are stored all together in a cloth folder.  Its not very easy to see the plates and honestly not a very elegant solution for storage so as I said this binder is coming at just the right time!

So what does everyone have on their wishlist vs must haves?  Everything is available on the UberChic Beauty website right now!  The collection itself retails for $24.99 while individual plates retail for $14.99.  Don't forget you can maximize your savings by buying the entire set of newly released items on the UberChic Beauty website for $47.57!

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