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The Great Catch-Up - Hot Off The Stamping PressMoYou London Lace Collection, Deco Collection, Mother Nature Collection Expansion, Flower Power Collection Expansion, Holy Shapes Collection Expansion, Mix & Match Collection Expansion, Henna Collection Expansion, Tropical Collection Expansion, Animal Collection Expansion, Pro & Pro XL Collection Expansion, Festive Collection Expansion, Hipster Collection Expansion, & Explorer Collection Expansion!

Here we go stamparistas,
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First Hot Off The Stamping Press post in eons and its gonna be a mega post to catch up on all the releases MoYou London has been sending our way.  Btw I have to say from my perusal of their wares these last several months MoYou London has been serving up some seriously heavy hitting designs in my absence.  So without further ado let's get started!

MoYou London Lace Collection

Let's be honest if you know MYL you already know that this isn't truly a "pure" new collection launch.  I say this because when the Bridal Collection initially emerged this is where MYL was placing most of their lace designs though a few did get scattered into the Gothic Collection as well.  At the time the Bridal Collection launched there was a huge trend for lace images in stamping nail art and these designs were literally everywhere.  The best part there are so many types and kinds of lace that you can produce image plates for years and never run out of patterns, but the bad news is this kind of thing gets repetitive pretty quickly.  I for one still love lace, but I'm not one to chase after every image as I used when they 1st launched but now tend to be more selective of unique imagery.

Stunning! A'la overlapping plate style.  You all know I love the overlapping plates from MYL and this is no exception.   AND these happen to be patterns that I do NOT own.  Really these are beautiful and of all the lace patterns out there I prefer ones that are very bold.

Meh - these are basic lace patterns such that if you've bought at least one comprehensive plate then likely you have these images already.  It's a basic must have if you are building a lace collection, but if you already have plates its a pass.

Also incredibly beautiful! These are all in the vein of Spanish lace.  The florals are all super prominent and bold in a way that would make for some very in your face lace nail art.  These are not for the faint hearted or those seeking more delicate workings.  My favorite images are those directly in the center of the both the top and bottom rows.

And now we have some more delicate workings sort of french tips and accents.   Love the image 2nd row and second from the left of the screen.  This one is sort of on the fence with me.  I love pretty much most of what's happening in the bottom row but the top row is very typical of patterns I've seen and already own.  Kwim?  Its wishlistable at least...

And here is the first plate I wouldn't pass over.  Why? I think most of these images are absolutely fresher looking and also fairly unique given the number of images on this plate.  The designer went overboard choosing images that will continually draw the eye.  For instance my eye keeps getting drawn into the last column on the right and the 3rd column from the right 3rd row image and so many more.   Yup this one is a keeper!

Enlarged I do think the lace looses some of its delicacy and freshness.  I'd actually buy the smaller version even when my nails are longer and stretch the images to hold some of the delicacy that gets lost here.

Deco Collection

Mmm a whole collection devoted to the deliciousness of art deco appeal...yes ma'am I'll take that!  I love it all these accents would be so fun to play with across different nail art backgrounds.  Though the cynic in my says that one of the Artist plates from a prior plate looks eerily similar.

More beautiful deco swirls and beautiful patterns.  Btw if you think hey some of these look familiar its because I can think of at least one indie company that's "been there and done it" already - that's Powder Perfect for the un-initiated.  I have several of her plates including her deco plate and it has beautiful imagery reminiscent to what is seen here.

This might be my favorite plate of the entire Deco Collection!  I love all the beautiful swirls and curlycues.  I have one other plate thats similar in terms of imagery from Clear Jelly Stamper.  See that's the problem with creating new collections across platemakers its getting harder to find unique imagery or concepts due to the large number of indies out there!  Still I adore this one!

This is lovely and different.  I love all the tiny dots coming together to create little deco accents.  I also have to say this the first time I've seen imagery just like this.   Which of course is why this uniquely beautiful plate has been sold out the last 2 weeks.

This collection is a solid rockstar entry - the images all lend themselves to both simple and complete art without being overwhelming.  This is my second favorite plate in this collection I wanted it immediately and even though I do own several other deco plates MYL always puts a spin on things that is if not novel fresh in a way that makes me want to quickly click "Add To Cart".                         
Mother Nature Expansion

Free flowing accent pieces that would help flesh out more complicated nail art or serve to create a complicated nail art if they were nested and arranged properly.  Even though this place is kind of basic it was one I wanted immediately when I saw it.  It reminds me of some of the Holy Shapes plates which have accent images only.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

When in doubt overlap!  Lol kidding but I do think that MYL is planning on creating an overlapping image plate for every collection.  Here the overlapping takes on a vine like design.  I'm not 100% sold on what's happening on this plate to be perfectly honest.  These images are kinda basic and then they don't pull out or separate in a way the plate above does.  More than half off the fence with this one :/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

So....I'm gonna say these images aren't super original.  They really aren't especially if you follow platemakers that make florals that make you want to own everything they make, Uberchic Beauty I'm looking at you, but they are beautiful and delicate.  The animal life in particular here on these plates is lovely and so though it kills me this is a definite yes for me.

An absolute yes!  The butterflies are stunning the birds are sweet and the florals are fresh.

Hello overlapping beauty!  I love this one.  Is simple and shouldn't be so stunning but some how it is. Can someone tell me what the flower 2nd column from the left is? I can't tell but that is a new flower I haven't seen on other plates before.  Interesting....

Flower Power Collection Expansion

Wow!  I'm just gonna say this is what I came here for!  Literally this plate is so so innovative, and its been a minute since I've seen a plate that surprised me to the degree that I would say, "Oh, I've never seen anything like this before its insane!"  That's what this plate is for me.  I don't know where to begin but I love how they set up the ability to nest and layer and I truly hope this is the start of brilliant new things to come from MYL cause I'm buying!

Holy Shapes Collection Expansion

Holy Shapes outside of the Explorer Collection is my favorite collection from MYL!  The basic geometric shapes and symbols always pull me in.  You can create and create with them and each plate I swear allows you to create more than 20 looks just from rearranging the images given to the user.  So of course this plate even with its basic dots and triangles is my serious bae.  I love it and added to to my list the instance I saw it - sold!

Mix & Match Collection Expansion
 Here's a collection that perplexed me from the minute it was introduced.  I was like wait which collection does this belong to?  This one is what - tropical x Back To The 80's?  I'm having a hard time on the mix and match here but it doesn't even matter this plate is so fabulous I was like Yes please!  I'm not sure hat
Henna Collection Expansion
 Explorer?  Oh wait no this is just jus a ridiculously sickening Henna plate!  So I will say I had not been a huge fan of the Henna Collection when it first released the images just weren't that fresh and from what I was seeing there was a lot of repetition. I say that even as look at more nested chevrons and feathers and nested triangles.  It doesn't matter this plate is fabulous!

Tropical Collection Expansion

Mmmm I love the way the tropical collection has been heading lately.  The last few plates have featured full nail sized images with cooler patterns and geometrics.  This time we get some animal print and cool painting motifs.  This almost feels like the mix & match collection right?  The little animal heads kill me here lol.  So fun!

Animal Collection Expansion

Ok some of these images are total dupes for others I seen across other platemakers - Loja BBF aka BBF Nail Art immediately comes to mind for the blacked out cat image at the botom of the plate.  Obviously cat paws, small cats etc are kinda run of the mill.  I will say the striped cat ad cat on the moon and balloon cat head are all fresh.  This is obviously a plate for someone that may collect cat stamping plates etc.  It's not that novel but its cute.  For me its a likely pass I already have several cat featured plates and honestly its not that appealing of a concept for me that I need every plate.  This is hella cute though!

Sized up.  I will way the kittens kinda all piled together is really adorable!

No.  Sorry I really did not like the doggy plate before from this collection.  Save the dachshund  and huskie images I find this plate to be blah and uninspired especially if you consider there are/were so many other animal/pet plates out there BBF Nail Art, Uberchic Beauty, Messy Mansion, etc.  So this is just not for me :/  My bad but I'm sure some doggie lover out there is going ballistic over this one so yeah...

No need to beat a dead horse.  I said what I had to above in the XL size.

Pro & Pro XL Collection Expansion

When basic meets must have.  That's how I've always felt about the Pro Collection. They take classic images and offer them to you.  BUT and here's the reason I like these even though often the images are so basic you can go absolutely bonkers with these patterns because they are so basic.  Color, finish, double stamping, leadlighting, etc.  That's why I always end up getting every single plate from the collection though I tend to go with the XL sizing as my nails have always been long. Above the curling ribbons images and the lines with irregular half circles are my faves!

Yes! And I am here for all these distressed lines and etched out swirls!

This one is a bit more basic still these lines and circles and etchings feel very fresh likely because most other companies will tend toward a flashy new a solo images and away from sort of working clean simple images that may not be as flashy but will result in some interesting art when layered or played with.  The more i Look at this plate the more I like it!

 Sized up.


Ditto x 2.

Festive Collection Expansion

Hi Easter passed already so this is way out of date.  Its pretty its another festive plate that I would have scooped solely on it's cute factor alone.  I like the separate faces of the bunnies and of course the egg decorations.  Onto the wishlist for next years Easter nails!

This one is a meh for me.  Cute, but I haven't really been a fan of the Enchanted Collection mashup plats that have had a tendency to pop up occasionally in other collections.  However its cute and its adorable particularly the little sheep, chick and rabbit in the second column from the left!

Sized up.  Its cute and all but for now a pass.

Hipster Collection Expansion

Hey hipster.  For me this collection can be a big hit or a big miss.  I find the pop images here adorable. Little avocados, pineapples, eggs, etc.  Its sweet but I'm not totally in love or overboard.  However I do feel this would be a fun addition to add to your collection especially if you dig pop art.
 Sized up!  Ack I totally realized that I have an entire plate devoted to eggs from Harunouta, a brand that I found via Born Pretty's website, which has this eggs over-easy image as well as the chick, chicken, hatching, and various other egg imagery i.e. boiled eggs. Rolf!  This isn't enough to make me say no to this plate but like I said it wasn't jumping out to me as "the one" to begin with too!

Unicorns everywhere smile because your fairytale filled fantasy plates have arrived!  Lol on trend this year is the them of unicorns and mermaids.  I feel like every platemaker has at least one plate or several images devoted to unicorn imagery etc.  AND I love it!  I wanted to grab this plate when I made a mini-MYL haul after my absence but it was already sold out :(  I'm hopin to snag it soon for the teeny tiny little unicorn heads alone ;)

So pretty!  I love the hair flowing everywhere around the unicorns.  I want these latter two plates quite badly!

 Explorer Collection Expansion

My favorite MYL Collection.  I purposely hunt down every single plate from this line.  The evil eye a protector and  curse is playing a strong theme here.  It almost gets slightly creepy by the sheer number. What do you think? I once had a roommate who wore evil eye jewelry all the time and also gave me a small piece for  personal protection.   I almost swooped in  e be  I held off on grabbing this one as funds are limited and there was one plate I wanted even more.

Larger and in-charger.

Holy smokes BATMAN!!! I f-ing LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this plate!!  This was the one that had me cartwheeling around my room (well if i could), squealing and slapping my thighs was more like it.  This plate this plate!! Lord this plate.  Clearly I own it because I didn't hesitate to drop it into my shopping bag ASAP.

SO here's the deal all of these releases have released and are available for purchase on the MoYou London website.   These plates retail for 5.99 GBP and orders over 25 GBP ship for free not including polishes.  Do you own any of these plates yet?  Are any on your wishlist?  Let a sista know!  Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next post!

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