Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Fairytale Collection Expansion!

Hey lacqueristas,

You may have noticed some changes up in this place today! Yup I decided to dust off my html/css skills and give my little blog some necessary polish ;)  I'm not done yet, but please continue to bear with me as I change things over.  I also wanted to point out that all of my pages and links are still there you just need to click the menu tab and all my old pages will appear.  That said let's get back to what we really are all about here at Lacquer Lockdown - the love of stamping!

So let me say I am in agony these days! Why is everybody releasing plates that I must absolutely have to have (yeah I said it)? Are they trying to torture me? Alas I can't have everything I want, but I can certainly drool as much as I want.  The Fairy Collection from MoYou London is one of my all time favorites.  I only have 4 of them, but even now I want them all and now 4 new delicious ones have rolled out!  Drool along with me darlings...

Lacquer Lockdown - MoYou London Fairytale Collection, Hansel and Gretel, stamping, nail art, new image plates 2014, new nail art plates 2014, new image plates 2014, stamping

Hansel and Gretel.  Kawaii! This plate is so adorable I could eat it up, but where is the witch?  Surely the tale isn't complete without the evil old hag and her horrible oven.

Lacquer Lockdown - MoYou London Fairytale Collection, The Wizard of Oz, new stamping plates 2014, new nail art plates 2014, new image plates 2014, stamping, MoYou London

O. Em. Gee! I see a yellow brick road and a girl that should be wearing glittering shoes! The wizard of Oz!!! Note the flying monkey.  I must have this plate!

Lacquer Lockdown - MoYou London Fairytale Colleciton, The Elves and the Shoemaker, nail art, stamping, new plates 2014, new nail art plates 2014, new image plates 2014

This is a story I read over and over and over again as a child.  The Elves and the Shoemaker.  Yes! I die I die I die! These plates are gonna sell out in a heartbeat just like the Hipster Collection. 

Lacquer Lockdwon - MoYou London Fairytale Collection, Jack and the Beanstalk, nail art, nails, stamping
Ok I got lost here?  Until I realized I needed to rotate the plate in 2 dimensional space.  Then I realized I was staring at Jack while he stares at the beanstalk.  I am seriously seriously dying!  Oh MoYou my heart is yours! I love and adore every single plate!  I need a fairy godmother to bequeath me with some of these.  Lol.  In any case these plates release on Friday on the MoYou London website.  They retail for 4.99 Euro.  Don't forget if you haven't caved and used the code yet you can save 10% off using Tamira10.  Happy hunting ladies!  Thanks so much for reading and see you next post!

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  1. I seriously need the Wizard of Oz plate, the monkey and Toto are so cute that my heart is melting.


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