Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hot Off the Stamping Press: Pueen Cosmetics Encore Collection Teaser

Hey stamparellas,

I totally forgot to post this little teaser that I saw on Pueen Cosmetics Facebook page the other day!  For those who stalk this is probably going to be a source of agony and desire for many out there.  As apparently Pueen is launching another set of plates.  Ooooohhh yeah baby!  If my suspicions are correct this is going to be a followup infinity style set of plates to the Stamping Buffet Collection.  After all with a name like Encore Collection one has to at least expect this much...

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Now who's excited to stalk along with me? Lol.  You can follow Pueen Cosmetics Facebook here.  I can't wait to see how these new plates look since the mockups are so cute!  Lol I bet you ladies think my lord the plates just keep on coming.  For me the best part is just watching to see what creators will come up with next.  I definitely need to break out a few more of the my Pueen plates and do some nail art in celebration.  Happy hunting and see you next post


  1. You forgot to say they are gonna be etched on BOTH SIDES of the plate. That is what I am really curious about. I am pretty sure they are gonna be the buffet style but double sided is what is peaking my interest.

    1. Tanya I didn't forget :) Pueen didn't announce the plates would be double sided until they released the mockup of the first plate. I have put that information in that post (teaser 2) since this one was written prior to that info being released. And yes I do think the double sided buffet style will be interesting.

  2. I hope that the back side is a negative of the front. I think that would be really cool:)

  3. I hope that the back side is a negative of the front. I think that would be really cool:)


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