Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014: Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho stamp champs,

Merry Christmas for those of you that celebrate and happy holidays to the rest!  I'm keeping in short and sweet today I just wanted to show off my Christmas Day nail art! Another complex one full of layerings upon layerings and loads of advanced stamping.  Not easy nor for the faint of heart but I'm loving how it turned out!

Duri Rejuavcte Sally Hansen Diamond Frash
Intex: American Apparel Downtown LA
Thumb, Middle and Pinkie: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Orly Snowcone, Zoya Dream , and Elevation Polish Aduja St Expery
Ring: Zoya Dream
Stamping Polishes: Mundo de Unas Black (2), Silver, Navy (3)
Stamping plates: Sugar Bubbles SBS 01 and 08
Accent: Winstonia Store

So this is one of the first times I also chose to use a 3D nail charm and it was darling.  I really like the effect for just a day or two.  However I will be the first to admit I was super paranoid it would fall off at any time.  I actually got this present which looks huge but is actually really incredibly tiny in a pack of about 8 or 10 different 3D pieces from Winstonia Store for about $4.  Now a bad deal eh?

Ok so the Christmas tree I created gives me chills!  I came out so so perfect it's unbelievable.  One thing I have to say is that I really really love these Sugar Bubbles holiday plates.  If you haven't gotten them and live in the US you can order them right from DRK Nails.  I don't care if Christmas is over they will totally pay themselves off.  Anyhoo I truly hope everyone has had a beautiful happy and relaxing Christmas with your family and friends!  I'll see ou next post....

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