Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New DRK Nails Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hey stamp champs,

The platemakers are at it again! The question in fact, on this blog at least, isn't if new plates are coming out soon but rather when.  Lol.  DRK Nails has been quiet lately.  Too quiet in my opinion which means they are plotting.  In case you didn't know DRK recently announced they were stocking a small selection of Sugar Bubbles plates, the ones I posted here, and apparently more on the way. Meanwhile I've been waiting with baited breath for their next release.  I prayed to the heavens they would release a special Christmas plate, but alas. Segue - btw where are all the Hanukkah plates? No I'm not Jewish, but a lot of my friends are and I'd love to see a bit more cultural diversity out there in holiday themed plates.  Anyway lo and behold! A plate arrived from DRK in time for Christmas - apparently a sultry one ;)

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Hello Enlaced plate!  I think it's time we committed to a serious love relationship.  Just you me a stamper and some polish.  I promise I won't bite, hard anyway.  Lolol.  Ahem.  Sorry but hallelujah! I love this plate.  This is not from DRK Nails Designer Series instead a new series - DRK Themes. Can I pray for a fantasy theme?  Dragons breathing fire, dragon eggs, knights, Excalibur, castles, one tiny princess, lions etc? Whatever I'm in love! Are you?  This plate is available right now on the DRK Nails website.  It retails for a solid $22 USD + shipping which is usually very cheap.  Now the real question is will you be able to purchase this plate before it's sold out?  Run don't walk and happy hunting.  See you next post....


  1. Aww, that plate looks just awesome! I would love to see some designs done with this plate... $22 is a little steep for me, but it sure is an awesome looking plate... :/

  2. No worries I will oblige you on the designs. I know a lot of people hesitate when they see plates go above the price of $10, but the fact is this plate has over 25 designs on it. Most of these XL plates do and so they are well worth that price point. Consider that an average MoYou London plate has about 6-10 designs and it costs roughly $9 a plate + shipping. This is a reasonable price!


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