Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Messy Mansion Bridal Nails and Lead Light Lacquer Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Happy December stamp champs,

The year is winding down now, but the stamping press is STILL steaming! Insanity in bits and pieces. Messy Mansion has released the Bridal Nails and LeadLight Lacquer collections!  You can't keep up with all the plates? No problem I'll do it for you ;)  Lol please don't unsubscribe.  I can see the looks of horror and desperation on your faces.  "Please Tamira my budget I can't stand to look any more, but the plates are so pretty..." Lol as you can see I have an active imagination, but I do understand you plight however I have been heavily anticipating these plates for MONTHS now so I absolutely positively must share them now that they have been released. That's right you can finally get your hands on these pretty babies so let's take a look at what all my fuss has been about.

Oh my intense focused detailing.  Frankly this plate would go well towards leadlighting or decal making.  Either way your designs will end up looking GORGEOUS!

YES! I adore this plate! Adore.  You all know I'm a sucker for what here? Florals, abstracts, and novelty.  So what happens when I find a plate that has all 3 characteristics? Of course I'm gonna buy it!

It just keeps getting better and better.  Drool is everywhere.  Where's my napkin damn it! No wait where is my credit card ;) Lol let me stop playing....

Kaleidoscope meets paisley abstract.  I have never wanted a plate so badly.  Oy!

Left lower corner.  I have NEVER ever seen a design like this or the upper middle row, oro the lower right hand corner for that matter.  Well done Julia!

This plate feels Aztec a bit to me I love the scales and the fact that they are offered in reciprocal negatives.  Is that a baby snake?  Hmmmm.....

And Bridal Nails Collection

I will admit I'm no blushing bride.  I'm not a romantic and I don't believe in big weddings.  I believe in big after parties with good food and excellent drinks ;)  BUT these plates make me wish ever so slightly I had a touch more romance in my soul.  This plate is delicate and beautiful!  I want it.

Have I ever seen a palte with roses and lace on it that I could resist? No.  Will I start resisting now? Nope.  Lol you shouldn't either....

Wow! Just wow this plate might be my favorite in the entire collection.  These images are so lovely and somehow soft and yet bold.  How did they do that?

Every plate gets a little bit better than the last and continues to offer a delicacy that I'm loving.  PS look at these open abstracts.  DRK make a whole plate like that and I found out quickly that I really love open abstracts.  I hope Julia will do many many more designs like this.  PS left lower corner = LOVE!

Are those miror images callalillies?  I adore callalillies! So pretty and yet solid in the way very few flowers are.  The only thing I love more than callalillie are tulips!

Well it's official I have died and gone to stamping plate heaven! What do you think?  I have to say I am so so very proud of Julia right now! Her company has grown and grown and continues to grow. The quality of her plates is top tier and the innovation is right beside it.  I know we are going to see so much more win in the future from this company so keep your eyes tuned ;)  Now as I said before these plates are already available on the Messy Mansion site.  These plates retail for $10 USD per plate + shipping, but remember if you spend over $100 (go in with a buddy and order together) shipping is free!  You can also save $5 by purchasing the bundle instead of individual plates.  Happy hunting stamperistas and I'll see you next post...

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