Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 7 and New Singles Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo stamp champs,

Ah I gotta say today I'm so thrilled with my usual opening.  For as long as I've been running this blog I have been calling my followers such strange names...polished prisoners, stamp champs, stamperistas, lacqueristas, holo whores lol.  You get the drill, but todays the first day I have ever had one of my phrasings quoted on a plate! Yup that's right the lovely Brittany of UberChic Beauty is at it again.  More on those phrasing later but for now lets take a look at all the pretty!

Way too awesome darlings! There it is my stamp champ stamp! Lol.  What? I'm not allowed to get a little misty and excited to see it? Anyway let's talk about the fact that this plate has what to me seems to be a giant easter egg of awesome?!?  Along with some nested abstracts of glory.  The skull here is a bit creepy but in the best way.  If you can tell it's nose cavity is shaped like an upside down heart lol.  How cute :)   There are a few basics here, but over all I am loving this plate!

Uber abstracts and florals at it again! A few more basics particularly the open diamond and daisies.  However the openwork patterns at the top scream of 20's archietecture which I have a small obsession with! The mandalas which are stellar here are courtesy of Ooh Ooh Shinies.  Love em! And the little hot air balloons which are adorable.  The typography is awesome as well!

3rd row first and second from the left - be still my heart!  I find several patterns on this plate are pretty straightforward or may have been done a lot yes - the polish bottles and the geometry/magic eye/illusion images.  It's always necessary to have a few basics though and I do get that for those who don't own quite as many plates as I do. I do feel that overall this is a strong plate though mainly because there are images here that are quite fresh - the circles on circles on lines at the bottom row in particular and of course that UberChic Girl stamp and paisley looking abstract.  Lots of cool images here that make this plate completely want-able.  Good thing we can get them all at the collection price point!

New single - Furry Best Friends.  I have a feeling this will probably be a very popular plate.  I love all the adopt and rescue and just awesome typography in general! The cat in the glasses for me is bordering on the edge of creepy.  I find him slightly sinister it may be the smirk combined with the eye glasses as though he plotting something untoward.  The dog seems somewhat put upon by his attire lol.  Maybe its a blood hound thing? Anyway its cute plate for any animal lover out there.

Ohhhh Love and Marriage!  Ok the name of this series of plates reminds me totally of Al Bundy of Married with Children. Watch here to get it if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Lol boy so many great memories just came back from that poor put upon shoe salesman.  However these plates are much more romantic in nature than our Mr. Bundy and therefore perfect for Valentines Day.  I do find the large cellular nest lace with flowers stunning! And that wreath of flowers! You all know I'm not the romantic type, but this year I'm going to try hard to get into the V-day season with lots of art.  I'd snap this plate up in a heartbeat as such.

So what do you think? All of these plates are already up on the UberChic website.  Set retail for the usual $24.99 USD and individual plates retail for $14.99 + flat rate shipping.  Btw the UberMat has been placed on pre-order for those that were waiting,  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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