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Cupcake Polish Unicorn Collection Swatches

Haaaayyyy lacquer ladies,

Let me take a moment to squeal and squee over this occasion cause today I've got the latest greatest polishes from Cupcake Polish! First let me stop and say it's such a great honor to be able to swatch for this brand.  You will never know how many times I have secretly lusted over Sara's polishes and not been able to scoop them. Curse you student status! Ah but today its all about the bling bling, and let me tell you right now I gasped when I opened this package because these polishes pack what can only be described as a hefty dose of holo rainbow glittery magic.  Let's get into this shall we?

In general....

The Unicorn Collection consists of fine holographic microglitters in a jelly colored base.  They are opaque in 2 coats.  This can be accomplished by dabbing or by using the sponge method.  They are fairly easy to remove if you have a glitter peel off basecoat or wiping with acetone.  These polishes dry to a bit of a mattish holo finish and are somewhat topcoat hungry.  A generous coat of Poshe was able to bring them to a high gloss shine.   The holo is very strong both indoors and outdoors and is readily apparent even in low light settings.


I had this thought the minute I put on the first coat of this polish - "No mermaids need apply cause I've got your scales covered." I'm not joking its so obvious this color was meant for some kind of fantastic ocean inspired art.  It's beautiful!  

The holo in all of these polishes combined with the glitter makes for some extreme bling! Its absolutely blinding and if you don't believe me just look at my swatches!

Fantastic aqua blue <3 I love this one so much!

Macro of the holo glittery yumminess.

Mmm teal jelly base <3


Reminds me of what an attractive peridot stone looks like!  I'm a leo and I generally am very picky about my peridot stones.  If this were jewelry I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.  A lime green holographic glitter polish. It's spectacular!

Let me be honest and say at this point in the swatchathon looking at my nails I feel as though I would be willing to do a lot to own these polishes.  Lol I mean a lot plasma donation, organ harvesting etc. You know the regular ;)

All jokes aside Magic is glorious!  Every single polish here is.  Using UNT as my basecoat they also peeled off in one go.

Macro shot of the awesomeness!

Enjoy the Magic ;)


I'm not sure how I should describe the purple of Believe.  It absolutely reminds me of the most magical grape cool-aid a child could ever drink.  Like drinking that perfect cool grape cup with fizzy seltzer bubbles of delicious holo awesomeness.  Lol.  Its rich in any case.  Maybe one of the strongest purple glitter holos I have encountered.

I walked around with this one on and got stopped 3 times.  People kept asking me what is that polish. That's how on fire the bling was here.

Clearly people know good polish crack when they see it.  I'm telling you is sparkly grape coolaide!

I can't even describe to you how this polish flashes inside.  The holo is that strong on these polishes!

Gah and as such I couldn't stop taking pictures.  I kept trying to see if I can pull out more that shift more of that rich grapey color from different angles.  I may have gone overboard.

This is the kind of polish that will make you a lover of Cupcake Polish if you've never owned one before.  Even the purple jelly base was gorgeous!

I shied from the tip of my toes to the tip of my nose when I took this off.  Yes - this was the one I was MOST reluctant to remove!


When you wish upon a star and you are a little girl wanting a Barbie Pink Corvette this is the color you are wishing for.  A pink so deep magical and universally shade flattering that all your friends could wear it and fight over it.

You might ruin a friendship over this polish so buy backups.  That way all the girls can play!

Fiyah!  Really strong fiyah! I love how the blue spectrum of holo pops through this pink as well.


As you can see in case you were wondering Dream is very different from Imagine.  Dream is Cinderella's dress as she prepared to go to the ball.  Its a magical absolutely gorgeous crystalline blue!

The holo almost lends this one a silvery glow.  However all of them have holo that is definitely in your face stunning!

Since as you can see I mentioned Cinderella you know some sort of nail art like that has to come out because of this color.

So pretty.  This could also possibly be the color of the ocean - tropical ocean + holo.  Lol.

This collection is just so gorgeous as I come to an end here I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to swatch it!

Gah the final blow to your wallet and sensibilities ;) So what did you think?

The Details

The Unicorn Collection from Cupcake Polish will be releasing on January 25th at 8PM Central Time. Each polish will retail for $13 USD each.  If you buy the full collection within the 1st 24 hours of release, which you absolutely should do, you will receive a $5 discount ($60). Cupcake Polish ships world wide which is pretty awesome so get em while they are hot.  For more updates and swatches you can also find Cupcake Polish on various social media below!

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So I'll leave it there.  I really hope you enjoyed my swatches of this fantastic collection and stay tuned for some nail art ;)

These products were sent for my honest review.  For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.

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