Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hiya stamperistas,

Today I've got some new stamping plates to share! It's my first post of the new year and of course they are late.  The reason I didn't post these before the New Year arrived is that I was hoping these would actually have made it to the stateside before the month ended.  Thus far there's not a single plate in sight, but since times moving on let's share and share alike eh?  I know for a fact more plates are sitting right over the horizon and by spring we'll see the usual plethora of releases that make us go...ah which do I buy! So today the latest and greatest from Sugar Bubbles.

Here we go...

Hay hay hay what's happenin' ;)  Let's talk about Sugar Bubbles SBS plates.  They are awesome! Of all the plates I own from her they are my favorites.  I love the snowflakes here and the abstract image with the Christmas tree. More gorgeous still are the ornaments! I wish these plates had arrived in time for Christmas mani's but I have a challenge coming up in July for which these plates are perfect ;)

Home A-fing Lone!!!! Get out of town! I adore this! Look at all these incredibly tiny and cute Santas and the abstract tree.  Omg dying dead done! This plate is so perfect it hurts.  HURTS.

New Years.  I'm actually not a huge fan of NYE plates.  I have a lot and I never end up using them. Lol. Bad for business however what I love about NYE plates is that they are perfect for the 4th of July, parties, and other special occasions including birthdays.  This one is cute and I love the toasting silhouettes and clock.  We'll take this one too ;)

What do you think of the plates? Unfortunately they are only available via resellers of Sugar Bubbles.  I emailed one of them in Brazil to see if I could get them during December and also PMed via Facebook and got no response.  So there's that.  DRK and Beautometry stock the plates stateside, but they aren't available in their stores yet and now Christmas is over so likely they may not be stocking them any time soon.  But hopefully you enjoyed the share.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....

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