Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jior Couture Mystery & Bright Lights Swatches

Hey lacqueristas,

How is everyone? Hopefully those who are on the east coast of the US in cities that got hit by snow are doing well.  I've been pretty much homebound since DC does not know how to handle snow in any serious fashion.  In any case today I have swatches for your from a new to me brand - Jior Couture!  It's just a short post since only have 2 lovely shades to share with you, but I'm so excited to show you something new that I tried today!

Bright Lights

This is Bright Lights - a glow in the dark topper that contains tiny teal, blue, green and red circular glitter in a sparkling glitter base.  This was part of the holiday collection for Jior Couture.

Of the two polishes this one was my favorite.  Really fun and festive.  I placed it over a subtle nude and pink gradient using Essie Sand Tropez, Back In The Limo, and Madison Avenue. Pictured here with a one coat of Poshe Fast Drying topcoat.

Love these colors over this gradient!

Isn't this such a cute polish? Btw of course since it's GITD I took my first swing at GITD photography and who'd of thunk it, but it worked! Big thanks to PiggieLuv for her post on how to take photos of GITD polishes.  I'm telling you I am learning so much about my camera and camera work in general, but I've learned so much from our awesome little community!

As you can see this is a bright blue GITD polish it glows after exposure to UV lighting such as the sun.  How cool is that?


This is the Mystery Polish for the month of January.  I would describe this shade as a slate bluish gray.   As you can see from the swatches this has a very light and subtle scattered holographic pigment.  Mystery was a bit on the thicker side.  I would advise letting each coat dry completely before applying the next to prevent drag.  Pictured here with one generous coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash.

The pigment is definitely strongest in direct light or sunlight, but remains very light.

Up close you can see a tiny hint of pink flash in the pigment.

So what do you think? Jior Couture Polishes are available on their store website.  Mystery seems to be sold out however Bright Lights is still available and retails for $8 USD. Stay warm everyone and I'll see you next post!

These polishes were purchased by me.  For more information see my Disclosure Policy.

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