Monday, January 4, 2016

My Favorite Nail Art Of 2015!

Hey stamperistas,

I totally stole this idea from More Nail Polish's blog post of her favorite nail arts of the past year.  I tried so many things it will be kind of fun to go back through everything from the last year.  So in no particular order I'm sharing my favorite top 10 manis from 2015.  I'll try to start from most recent and go back so let's take a look!

This was my most recent and actually pretty popular art.  Even though I posted it for the New Year I did it before the end of 2015 so it counts.  The best part of this mani IMO was how the holo allowed for a subtle shift in the gradient.

My second attempt at aquarelle.  This ended up being a mixture of bold and delicate.  For me the best part was how the BBF images made this appear like hand drawn art from a coloring book made into nail art.

My first attempt with aquarelle.  This one was horribly challenging and horribly time consuming.  A total of more than 4 hours was spent stamping, buffing, filling, degrading, and aging.  Whew!  The efforts were well worth the final result but boy was it a beast of a challenge!

I didn't do enough watermarbles last year.  I looked back and wondered how that could be possible, but it's true.  I didn't do nearly enough but of the ones I did this one was my most successful.  The images are dead centered and I realized how to avoid those pesky bubbles that burst and leave tiny holes in my marbles.  I was also able to successfully capture the shimmer in some of these polishes.

Bejeweled and neon and blingy.  I loved how this came out!  I discovered how much I adored and still adore the Leadlight Lacquer Collection from Messy Mansion.  Her plates are fantastic and because of how beautiful this was I felt very inspired.  The hardest part was getting the horizontal gradients to pop.  It's tougher than doing them vertically!

I still love this nail art to this day!  Very complex it involved multiple layers of jelly polish and Crowstoes glitter.  This was followed by stamping and leadlighting along with the creation of a decal and placement.  This is another Messy Mansion Leadlight Lacquer plate along with the MM series.  I also fell in love with the EdK neon leadlights then.

SimplyNailogical declared 2015 the year of the flakey.  This might be the only flakie I owned from that year and a thermal to boot from one of my favorite polish lines Elevation Polish.  I created a lot of fantastic art for this brand over the years but this is one of my all time favorites.  Even the decals were created using EvPs.  Of course the image from Pet'la Plate's Golden Russian made this whole thing come to life!

Q Girl Neon & Nude Nail Art

This is a nail art I plan on recreating.  Personally I love the way the neon triangular gradients look up again the nude Essie polish.  I also love the flashy 80's style geometrics of the image.  However for me the decaling on this could be better as the lines warped ever so slightly. Still I loved this color combo way to much.  The neons are all Orly btw.

This is the first nail art I created with UberChic Beauty plates.  To this day this is one of the most popular tutorials and nail arts I have ever made! It's been recreated a lot and a few have even tried to pass it off as their own creation ;) But baby this is the original and it was fantastic! It was also absolutely perfect for spring and the start of my absolute obsession with the UberChic brand.

My first radial gradient ever its actually the only one I've also ever done.  Lol.  The simple stamping made this mani pop.  The color intensity is wholly due to the rich and pigmented nature of my Pipe Dream ANIV polishes which have now been discontinued along with the Carnivale Collection.  The latter broke my heart because I was never able to pick them up and with the way the restocks happen now I doubt I'll ever be able to get any again.  Still I was happy to welcome this bunch and will continue to use them lovingly in 2016.

So what do you think? Its kind of interesting to go back and look at these photos because from what I can see my photos last year weren't as bad as I was thinking.  I had already changed my lighting set up and switched to Photoshop.  The biggest difference I can see is that my photos now have a bit more delicacy and better white balance, but in a sense aren't that far removed so that makes me happy! The only other thing I noted is that I'm cutting my nails down to be much shorter these days. I never thought I'd be a "short nail girl", but I have to admit my favorite length is probably about where they are at in the BBF photo above.  In any case thanks for making 2015 so much fun and sticking by me and all the support! I'm hoping 2016 will be even bigger better and brighter!

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