Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Africa Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

Getting back in the groove of things over here which includes...catching up on my Hot Off The Stamping Press posts!  I'm way behind so I'm just gonna go backwards with this jazz and catch up with what I can.  Prepare yourselves I've already had a few heavy plategasms seeing things that I'd missed these last few months.  Like serious tremors and body shakes regarding the pure awesomeness of plates that have rolled off the presses.  So without too much hype lets take a look at MoYou London's last collection - Africa.

Hmmm somehow this mascot displeases me slightly.  I'm sure some MYL fans were less than pleased with the Asia Collection mascot, Arabesque mascot, Mandala mascot, and the Suki Collection mascot.  Let's call them all super abstracted and neo pop and leave it at that.  I'm not the PC police up in here, but yeah....side eye game strong.

Lord I love this plate!  By the way let's take a minute to talk about "African wax prints". Why the quotes? Because really Africa is a continent and not a country. If you have a background that hails from West African roots you probably have had a lot of exposure to these prints.  But truthfully they made their start in the what was once referred to as the Dutch East Indies aka modern day Indonesia. I don't want to get too bogged down in the background and history, but the cloth and batik patterns that inspired these plates have quite a complicated history.  They are bright and bold and insanely colorful featuring batik patterns often made out of cotton.   Where does the "wax" part of wax print come from? Well the cloth is printed on machines with wax resins and dyes.  Fancy eh?  Now that said I own a few pieces of clothing that I adore with these patterns so when I saw this was going to be the basis of a MYL collection I was quite pleased.

One thing I noticed though is when these plates get enlarged the patterns sometimes get cut off and somewhat messed up.  Its never been more apparent than with this collection which frustrates me. The images need to be scaled up not enlarged and then cut down.  The last two plates in this collection are the worst example of this.  Sigh, you can't get it all when your nails are long...or can you?

Here's where I whistle REAL hard!  Damn I love this plate in a way that's almost a step too close too drooling.  Ok wait, I'm past drooling.   I saw this plate and reached for my wallet like, "Gimme gimme now take my money NOW!!!"

Ah hello darling there you are!  Most of the patterns have been preserved here as such I must have to have them all.

That moment when you literally just rush to the website selling something and start furiously clicking arrived several plates ago.  Now its just a foregone conclusion!  Jesus saves.  I hope he can save me from myself!

Yeah MYL really struck this collection right out of the ball park.   I love every pattern here but especially that one in the top row 3rd from the left!

This one reminds me a bit too much of the Traveller's Collection Australia version the patterns are very very similar. As such its a naw girl....hard pass.

I don't even have anything to say I'm like nope son.

Holy yes!!! By all that is good and stamping and right I need this plate actually I need the XL version of this plate.  Would anyone here be surprised if I already scooped up several of these? Nope!
Didn't think so!

Mmmmmm donuts...wait no stamping plates.  Ahhhhhh yes - gimme!

That's it writing this post has just made me want to create a mani with these plates very badly and as such I'm definitely gonna make the magic happen this weekend!

Perfect right at the end I wish the pattern was spread out a bit more properly on the top row third from the right.  But that pattern at the bottom row 3rd from the right is utterly fantastic.  So basically when they were having their 20% off sale I scooped all of the XL sized plates in this collection. Yes I don't just gush about plates on this blog I put my money where my mouth is.  Here's to hoping we see more from this amazing collection.  You can find the Africa Collection on the MoYou London website now.  Plates retail for 4.99 GBP.  Go get em if you haven't gotten them already! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post...

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