Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 9 + New Mini's!

Hey lacqueristas!

Let's keep this train rolling shall we?  I'm so far behind I'm just going to push out the posts as I run across the plates I missed.  It probably would have been better to go in order of release but whatever we'll get to see them all in any case right? Hold onto your wallets darling because the next several posts are going to so severely tempting ;)  UberChic Beauty is back at it again in the steady stream of releases that make us drool and keep begging for more.  This isn't helped by the fact that Brittany also happens to be a hell of a stellar lady making us want to support and encourage her all the more!  So let's do a little more gushing shall we?

The summer may be gone but I still feel the sizzle!  Lol maybe that's because until this weekend it was still 10,000 degrees in DC.  Seriously get the heck out of here summer but please let's let these lush leaves and sticky sweet swirls of iced cream and pineapples stay!  This isn't exactly the most original summer plate since it's playing toward all the classics we've seen out there plate wise however it is refreshing in its compilation and absolutely adorable as such!

Uberchic strong with the geometrics and abstracts you are.  This plate freaks me out a little bit.  All the swirls and moving designs and reciprocals.  I love plates like this it makes me want to constantly stamp my nails in two color dimensions.  I'm not totally in love with the butterflies they look kind of strange to me for some reason, but again I'm digging the fact that there are reciprocal prints of them. But these rolling nesting swirls at the top gah I love them!

This plate is my favorite of the collection!  Best image here is the weird cati flowers at the bottom right hand corner.  I've never seen an image like that before anywhere!  Plus this has so many awesome abstracts.  Love em!

I love feather plates! I have a lot of them.  I want them all I need them all.  I love the feathered feathers top row 4th from the left on and the swirling circle of feathers ow and the tiny feathers at the bottom.  Ok I need this plate!!!! Gimmme noooooowwww!

Its the shark tank and shark week!  Um so yeah that was obviously a lie but who gives a flying you know what when the plates are this cool! Lol you all know I love ocean inspired plates.  Hell it my be on a level even more insane than feathers.  Maybe the only thing that could top it is my love of tribals.  So yes I love this plate and yes I need it!  The end.  Ha!  You can find these plates and more over on the UberChic Beauty website.  Sets retail for $24 and minis retail fr $7.99 scoop em up all at once to maximize on flat rate shipping!  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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