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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Tumblr Girl & Trend Hunter Collections, Geek & Princess Collection Expansions & More!

Hey stamp champs,

Holy f-ing long title Batman!  You know what happened at the top of this month? MoYou London went crazy and seriously released a world of plates.   I couldn't even cover all the expansions and additions they added.  That's when you know shit got serious lol.  So let's take it slowish and cover all the nail stamping pathway they've laid out this month.  In case the title didn't clue you in this is gonna be a mega post so hang onto your hearts and wallets ;) 

How MYL describes the Tumblr Girl Collection, "Calling all you girly girls, sugar-toothed stylistas, and social media masters out there! Our new Tumblr Girl collection is brimming with so much Insta-worthy newness: rainbows, sprinkle-dusted donuts, unicorn tears, and that’s just a few of our favourites."

The mascot here looks like a modern day banner of what most of the popular instagram beauty guru's are sporting these days from Doe Deere (infamous owner behind the brand LimeCrime) to BeautSoup to Kandee Johnson the candy cane cotton candy colored hair and the pretty cute meme shirts.   Lol that sounded bitchy which it wasn't mean to be because I follow these girls and love that ultra fun style but the description is apt.  Now about this plate...LOVE!  First of all I love donuts and I love unicorns this is unique enough that I'd scoop it for adorable sayings and the unicorns alone!  However apparently both this plate and plate 05 have some copyright issues going on so they have pulled them until the copyright issues are resolved (thanks to Althea one of my readers for bringing this to my attention).  I really hope to be able to get this plate but....sigh 

What sad here is that the XL plates don't have all the cool images like the first one also I do not really care for these bobby pin and lips and eyelash stamps.  They feel lazy.  There i said it but hey its not like it isn't true I wish they'd taken those images and done more unicorn images or even other cute sayings like the first plate where they were more forgivable because you got more images that were cuter :/  

This plate also strikes me as somewhat lazy. Why? I've seen the lipsticks and kisses images before. I've even seen the wifi images before on UberChic's geek plate I believe.  The underwear? Bundle Monster and Messy Mansion.  Hard pass on this one for me. The open mouth? Hmmm Chez Delaney Musique plates and one of the rocker plates from MYL earlier.  This plate just  does nothing for me.

So why bother to enlarge it? 

Cute especially the donuts though not totally inspired and I'm almost certain that these ice cream cone i ages have been done before at least with respect to  the bitten ones the drips and the cones.  Off the top of my head I'm recalling Chez Delaney, Bundle Monster, and UberChic Beauty having done all these before.  The words whatever etc are on the Lingo plates.  Hmmmmm...

Pills, peace signs, bottles of dreams, aliens, cats, and not particularly witty sayings except the "Bitch please" image.  I'm just not getting the over all appeal of these plates.  Maybe they are targeted more toward teenagers? There's nothing wrong with that its just these don't really appeal to my personal aesthetic and also don't see to have the "long lasting I can see myself using these over and over again feeling", kwim?

So once again I definitely don't want it in the XL size.  I will say this is probably why only the first plate of this collection sold out. These are definitely not on my have to have list except maybe the very first and second plates for the unicorns and donuts.  So let's move onto the trends...

How MYL describes the Trend Hunter Plates, "Take Fashion Week (and beyond) by storm with our stylish Trend Hunter plates. Our newest launch features the season’s most wanted prints, patterns, florals, and more. " These plates are limited edition in case you didn't see that on the banner and as such once they are gone they will not be returning...

I'll tell you right now I think these images are very clever! First you know I love florals but the way they are paired here with all the plaid and checks and stripes is fantastic!  I love these plates!

Just stellar! I only wish all the images got to be transferred over to the large plates which is why it shouldn't surprise you that I already purchased both ;) Remember these are limited edition so once they are gone they are gone.  If you like em grab em up!

Time to Geek the f**k out!  Did I ever mention I'm not really a huge fan of the Geek Collection? I think I did when these plates first released but I do find these last few releases really cute.

Maybe its because I use that laughing and side eye emoji all the time when I'm texted and of course the heart eyes lol oh and the flat faced eyes ;)

I even find the piled images of the emojis in conglomerate cute!

See? Really adorable the short nailed girls will get a lot of options with these especially!

And 4 of my all time favorite emojis eye roll, side eyes, tears and devil face! Lol.  To be honest none of the plates are essential but they are all absolutely wishlistable and fun.

See somehow these are just so damn cute I mean they even got the little unicorn and dancing girls!

Keeping this expansion 100% cute and fun!

Oh Princess.  This is one of MYL's oldest collections like from that time back when I bought every plate from every collection released.  So in fact I do have most of the Princess plates, but they are probably also the ones I reach for the least.  The images are just so damn tiny and honestly a little over the top girly for me.

Also somewhat bland.  Don't get me wrong the images are cute but only just so and honestly we've seen the Russian nesting dolls before we've seen shoe stamps and buttons and cupcakes before some of these actually in this collection already in different manifestations.

So these are just kinda ok.  My favorite images here would be the hearts and stars diamonds and the rubber ducky diamonds patterns.  Still these are probably plates I wouldn't likely purchase.  Sorry!

So what do you think?  Some hits and some misses for me.  In any case all the plates above have already released on the MoYou London website.  Some are unavailable like the Tumblr Girl 01 and 05 plates, the latter of which I could not find an image for, and some are still up for grabs.  These plates as usual retail for 4.99 GBD except for the limited edition Trend Hunter Plates which retail for 5.99 GBD.  You can get free shipping if you spend more that 15GBD something I've been taking advantage of lately ;)  I want to say thanks for reading and I'll continue the mad dash posts of missed plates so we can all play catch up!  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....

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