Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Masura Magnetic Halloween Nail Art Abstract + Tutorial!

Hey hay heeey,

Sooooo polish pals it has been way too long! Did you miss me? I have a raging cold right now and fall as well as work has made me its b*^&ch.  Rofl! No seriously I've been ground to basically dust but I had to at least show off some of my cute mani's from the halloween season including one that you can totally rock anytime and not just for Halloween.  Plus I finally got to use my precious golden baby Masura's.  The tale of how I obtained half of my collection is harrowing to say the least, I'll chat about that later, however the results yielded were totally freaking worth it!

Basecoat/Topcaot: UNT Peel Off Basecoat / Sally Hansen Diamond Flash
Black Base: Masura No 904-107 (Obsidian) 
Magnetic Polishes: Masura No 904-169 ( Lilac Angelite ) and No 904-185 (Mint and Basil)
Stamping polish: Emily de Molly Metallic Orange
Stamping plate: Chez Delaney Watermarble Plate

So I got my Masura's in a combination from a friend via Germany by way of Ukraine, that ended kinda badly and made me really sad despite what I know was an earnest and frustrating attempt to deliver the polishes to me, and via Dope Nails Russia.  The ones that got shipped by my friend ended up with 5-6 polishes smashed up and 2 or 3 more missing entirely from the box.  I think they were just taken out of the box by customs because when I got the box polish was leaking from it :(  Despite that I still really wanted these polishes so I saved up again and ordered a few more including some of the ones that got smashed up in the first attempt.

My order from Dope Nails was packaged so carefully and perfectly everything got to me in excellent condition.  I'd been wanting these polishes for so long, I want the last collection too, that I was desperate to get them.  If I were you I'd go a more official route such as via Dope Nails now called Polish Molish or Hypnotic Polish.  They are worth it completely!  I will say thought I had to wait a couple months minimum to get my order having chosen the cheapest shipping method.  At this point we, not the royal darlings but us little polishers based in the US, still can't order from the Masura website directly so this is your best bet to getting these polishes if you really want them.

The plate I have from Chez Delaney is also a thing of beauty.  I actually was really on the fence regarding watermarble stamping plates but when I saw this I had to have it!  Let's face it I can already watermarble really well and I also feel sometimes watermarble plates make the patterns you get with true watermarbling look less dynamic, but this plate was so pretty and had so many patterns I thought I'd give it a whirl and I'm really glad I did.  It actually features a whopping 34 different patterns to choose from if you follow me on SnapChat you may have seen me playing with it a while ago :)

Even though I created these with Halloween in mind they are pretty abstracted and funky so I can definitely see myself wearing this design anytime of the year or changing up the colors as I please to change up the concept completely.

So what do you think? Definitely not your typical Halloween mani, but definitely a great deal of fun.  You can find that Chez Delaney plate here.  If you are interested in picking up Masura Polishes from an international stockist that ships to the US you can try either Polish Molish or Hypnotic Polish Ok so there we have it! I hope you liked this.  I have one more very official looking Halloween mani to share and then onward to other things!  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post...

This post contains items purchased by me.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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