Tuesday, November 8, 2016

UberChic Beauty Collection 11, Wild West 02, Op Art Magic and More!

Hey stamp champs,

Still rolling em out!   Shall we have a day of plate releases?  I'm so far behind with everything some of these have released a while ago but let's give it a good effort eh?  Since UberChic Beauty also just released some new plates last Friday let's get caught up with her releases first.

Let's start with Collection 11!

You know I really love Brittany's plates.  Its been my extreme pleasure and honor to be able to review some of her plates so I know it when I say offhand that the quality of her plates is excellent.  Her designs tend to be fresh and focused strongly on florals and accents.  I like that there's something for everyone even if it's something I've seen before she tends to cater to the whole market and keep us coming back for more.  This plate is no exception!  The florals here are as usual spectacular and the abstracts have me panting for more there are few basic images woven into the whole but overall a really refreshing and spectacular plate!

The butterflies on this plate are so unique I don't think I've ever seen any like them before they may not even be butterflies but instead some kind of moth?  I don't know they are really cool though and that was before my eye was pulled toward that massive swirling nested pattern of abstracts, whirls and flowers.  Stunning! I'm not loving every image on this plate, the eyes? with the dots? or whatever I don't know the weirdest things creep me out,  anyhow I like enough of them to make this one a necessity as well.

I like this plate a LOT! Abstracts here abstracts there freaking abstracts everywhere.  The large bursting pattern and the overlapping abstracted circles have me like ummmm.  You know what I'm talking about low pleasure groan.  Oy! Also whatever those frond like planty things are they are so necessary!  The list I'm composing for Santa will be maddening!

Everybody and they mama got them Magic Eye plates.  This one is made more spectacular by the delicious quotes.  Shockingly despite seeing what feels like the 100th iteration of this theme Brit still managed to get some unique ones in there.  Well plated darling!

Hello Western motif! I've fantasized about you since the release of your earlier sensual sister.  I've had dreams where I lavishly color in my nails with your spectacular patterns.  I take my time nice and slow so we can get well acquainted.  It's been so long but trust me I'll be gentle.  Ok I won't but you'll like it ;) Yes clearly I need all of this plate in technicolor glory! I mean I've already moved on to bedroom nail talk its done!  Ugh it almost hurts to see how fabulous this plate is! Wtf have I been!!!

Oh shheeezzt this is so seasonally appropos!  Those pine cones and the gentle spring of pine needles is perfect.  The squirrel however does look a touch constipated.  What? It does its tail is held to its rump so rigidly! Anyway this plate is adorbs it even has a tiny little fox nestled in the comfort of its tail how cute!    Ok so these plates released at some point I don't know a few months ago.  They are already available. Go and get them but you should probably wait until I pump out the rest of her releases so you can just compile a list of all the things you so very desperately need! Shout out to those freaking new Uber Swatch caps!!!  UC sets retail for $24.99 USD, individual large plates for $14.99 USD, Uber Mini's for $8 USD + shipping.  You can find all these plates and more on the UberChic Beauty website.  Happy hunting and see you next post!

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