Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Halloween 02 Plate, Who Gives A Hoot, & Lovely Leaves!

Yo stamperistas,

As I said today I'm gonna be catching up with some UberChic Beauty releases.  I really only have one more post to go UberChic wise to get all caught up (I think)!  So let's get started on some recently released yummies for Halloween and Fall.
Halloween has already come and gone and while I got this plate I didn't get to break it out the way I wanted to.  Let's take a second to pause and talk about Whats Up Nails who is a reseller/stockist of UberChic Beauty supplies.  You know I've purchased plates, stampers, brushes, vinyls from them in the past and they were the height of professional.  Items purchased from them arrived at lightening speeds and everything that arrived was perfectly packaged often with one or two extra little vinyls. So when I made a purchase of this plate actually I think it was Halloween 01 and the Zombie Love plate my order was paused.  Apparently there was some stock error.  Anyway when I contacted them they went above and beyond in correcting the error.  Not only did they offer me the above plate instead since the one I wanted was sold out, but because I was so bummed out about missing out on Halloween 01 they ended up placing an order for me directly through the UberChic Beauty site.  I got this one and Halloween 01 plus my Zombie Love and as if that wasn't enough they went on to offer me some extra vinyls and some special holographic powder.  I actually stalk the Whats Up Nails site frequently because they have so many beautiful items however now I will be a lifetime loyal customer.  There is no way they should have done all that for little old me, but that's the kindness and respect  they have for their customers and honestly I was astounded.  What a truly wonderful company!  About the plate its awesome.  That nested spiderweb requires some kind of holo background stat!

Holy smokes Batman has a more perfect leaf plate ever been made!  I love this so much and obviously its absolutely perfect for this season!  Just really beautiful I have a fantastic idea about how to use that giant maple leaf.  I see a future UberChic Beauty order coming ;)

Owls always kind sit on a weird fence for me.  I find them both somewhat cruel looking and and also cute.  Ack the conflict!  Upper right hand corner cruel.  Upper lefthand corner cute lol.  What do we do.  Its wishlistable to say the least.  I haven not been keeping up with owl plates in particular but offhand I know that Marianne Nails and Born Pretty Store also have some iterations.  Brit is pretty good about keeping her images mostly unique though so you'd have to check for overlap if you were really interested.

Thoughts on these plates?  You can find UberChic Beauty plates on the UberChic website.  These plates retail for $14.99 individually and the Mini plates retail for $8.


This post contains items purchased by me/ sent for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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