Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Chez Delaney Watermarble Stamping Plate!

Hey stamp champs,

Still showing all the delicious and decadent plates I missed or hadn't had a chance to share from when my computer went down.  So far I've hit on a few big brands I love and here's yet another one from Chez Delaney and a plate I got just before my computer when bye bye.   Prepare for the Chez Delaney watermarble plate and all of its ridiculous glory.  Shall I say le sigh!

I wanted to share this because this is the plate I used to create my last Masura magnetic mani.  As I said in that post this is one of the more magnificent watermarble plates I've seen.  You get a whopping 34 images all on one plate.  Several aren't all that unique only because we've seen them before with the cascading hearts and the vertical and horizontal whirls.  Pretty much the entire bottom row I've seen other places while the rest is a nice mix mosh of unique designs and reworked designs from elsewhere.  Still when I saw this plate was available I jumped up and bought it immediately.  I definitely don't regret is since I got a lot of cool patterns all at once here!  In any event if you haven't already seen it feel free to check it out.  This plate retails for 19.90 Euros + shipping and can be found on the Chez Delaney website!

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