Monday, November 7, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New BBF Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

I'm so far behind where do I even begin?  There's no point plates keep releasing like they are going out of style.  So fast it's nearly impossible to keep up with them all so instead of forcing it I'm just going to try and hop on top of as many as I can past and present.  I'm gonna try to get a post of of new plates every day that way I can at least catch up a little etsy whinsy bit.  Today I'm gonna show you plates from one of my favorite brands bar none Loja BBF.  

I know if you haven't seen this plate and are a GOT fan you are sort of kicking yourself right now. You are probably thinking about which portions of your soul you would sell and lease to get your hands on this pretty.  Its okay cause I'm right there with you and I've known for quite some time.  I held it in though since I didn't even finish the current season of GOT.

It's an abstract plate a la gothic/damask wallpaper style.  You guys know I love plates like this.  I'm not horribly excited about it but that image in the left lower corner is killing me.  Ok I take it back I am excited but a girl has to live.  I mean you can only sell so much blood and plasma in a day.  Lol

Arabesque?  Lol my bad but it's close right.  An odd amalgamation of the Arabesque Collection and also the DRK Designers series small plates.  I like it it!  Mmmmm I wonder how I'd go about working an design around these images.

Skull candy Batman? Lol yes thats about the style of it.  I love that there are so many varieties of skulls here on one plate particularly those skulls and roses bottom row second from the left!  Btw in case you are wondering I crossed checked and these skulls are all completely different from the ones seen on the prior BBF 24 plate.

I feel like there is only three other platemakers who have shaped the designs of subsequent platemakers down the line - Messy Mansion, Clear Jelly Stamper and MoYou London.  Here I'm referring to the latter. These separated images scream Doodles Collection while being nothing like the Doodles as they are very different.  I'm not sure how they will marry well if clustered over an entire nail but I like the idea of trying ;)

Same idea as above but I like these images much much more!  That roped and tribal pattern at the bottom and the interwoven coils with the centered six corner star in the middle is giving me so much life right now!  Need it want it!

The original Monday hating, lasagna stealing, fat bastard.  Hey Garfield.  I have always always loved you, but your pal Otey has always been questionable and let's face it Jon has always been oblivious.  I love this plate!

Smithers...release the hounds! Eh what you can't? D'oh!  Omg I need this plate for so very many reasons including the pig that bit Homer, the Dracula based Mr. Burns, and the always confused Grandpa.  Hell Cris even threw in Apu!  Gah gah!  Yes!!!  Btw if you know your BBF plates well you'll know that she had a previous plate with very tiny Simpsons characters on it from her first releases.  I'm glad to see she has expanded and added even more!

Hellraiser, Aliens, The Shinning (hey I'm trying not to get sued!; If you get this reference I swear I will send you a stamping plate of your choice!), Poltergeist, Jason, Freddy Kreuger, Scream, classic Dracula and more.  I'm gonna stop here.  I really love horror movies but no one ever wants to go see them with me.  Bitter tears but I love this freaking plate!  Remember when the girls head spins around in Poltergeist lol.  Now we need some Carrie, Blair Witch, Amityville (classic or new though Ryan Reynolds abs in the new one...ugh I'm dead!).

I love everything to the right side of the plate and wonder about how some of these larger images would translate onto the nail.  I think the overall image would likely get lost even if stamped across multiple nails. But those feathers *heart eyes mf*

These images are all pretty classic and I've seen them across a couple of brands save for the bottom row which is pretty unique.

Let's be honest Cris has a great deal of strength in designing these character plates especially the ones from the Disney catalogue.  This plate is awesome!  In every way I want to be "part of this world".

These patterns are sweet not crazy unique but still interesting in that damask paper fashion.

Oh my just when we thought we'd had all the GOT-gasms we could ;)  Along comes another plate after our hearts featuring some of the cooler and not to be forgotten characters of the cast plus the house signs.  Gotta love that! Lol yes pun intended.  Holdddddoooooorrr !!!!

Ok from this point downward are the minaturized versions of previous Disney based BBF plates. However these are all mini sized.  This means big things especially for those ladies who had difficulties fitting the prior images on their nails due to the size of the images.  This includes myself as well.

The images have now adjusted down to make them that much easier to fit on the nails.  Hooray!

That's great news since these are some of my favorite images across her catalogue especially the Little Mermaid ones.  The downside though is that we have to repurchase the images.

The pricepoint is lower however so there's that!

Don't let the size of my images here fool you they are smaller....

You just have to look at the actual plate pictures which are below.  Btw Mileficient in her dragon form is everything.  I'm so glad this image was resized.

Ugh these LM images are jus the best!  Way too adorable!

As you can see they are much smaller than the prior images total plate size included.

They are also now on handy dandy key chains which I'm not sure how I feel about but certainly that makes them more travel friendly.

And as you can see where before only one of those Sleeping Beauty images would fit on a standard sized XL stamper now several do.  Nice!  In any even BBF Nail Art plates can be found here.  They retail for $5 USD for the minis to $9 USD for the larger sized plates.   Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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