Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 10 Nail Art Stamping Plates + Mandala Love!!!

Hey stamp champs,

Oh chile!  What  I have missed from the UberChic nation! Lordy wait until you see what released earlier this week.  As usual some of these are gonna be way off the press while others still have the sizzle of recently minted plates.  I'd been eyeing these from the side for a hot minute and had this draft resting on its laurels while I was saving up for my new computer.  So let's catch up so we can see all of the latest plates from the always popular and ridiculously innovative UberChic Beauty.

Hello my precious....

This collection is fantastic maybe one of my all time favorites! The detailing her the UC florals will never cease to amaze me but what I really love is how perfectly overblown and fine these images are.  Fantastic mixed in with some basic but lovely abstracts!

Speaking of detailed and exquisite abstract patterns...hello lovely!  Should I say I'd give my left ovary for this plate?  Too far? Lol I'd give something alright like my wallet cash and sanity.  Lord I can see the cathedral styled manis using this plate from space...let's leave it here with a I gotta have it!

The geometry happening on this plate is absolutely killer!  The abstracted florals also have me dead gone but the best part here?  Those overlapping octagons!  Ugh ugh I'm done.  Definitely one of my favorite set of plates I've seen released from UberChic!  Not only is this set very cohesive but it features a lot of images I'd have a hard time saying no too!

Oh hey Mandala Love!  What's new girl?  Not much just leafing around!  Lol yeah this plate is cute very different from what I've seen from UberChic before for mandala's and very different from what I've seen around other plates for the most part.  I'm not dead gone on it like I am with the plates above, but it's utterly wishlistable!  And so there we have it.  Some of the last releases from UberChic Beauty that I missed during my absence.  They are already releases so go get em if you want em or if you got em already comment below!  The sets retail for a cool $24 roughly and the individual mini plates retail for $7.99 + shipping.  Remember UberChic does that whole flat rate shipping jazz domestically and internationally.  You can find these plates and more on the UberChic Beauty website.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!

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