Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Fashionista Collection!

Happy hump day polished prisoners,

Does anyone else feel like MoYou London is just killing it these days? They are on a roll I mean just launching one interesting and beautiful collection after the next.  Lol I need a hiatus badly as my wallet has become overly cross with me ;)  Well plates are literally cropping up everywhere and I'll have some more interesting and new things to share with you soon, but for today let's take a look at MoYou's latest collection that's come sizzling off the stamping press.

The mascot this time is Coco as in a play on Chanel I believe.  Lord help me but I think Coco Chanel might actually roll over in her poor grave if she were caught wearing the the same outfit as our mascot. Lol! I don't see any structured suits or classic prints on this little vixen and that bow.  Anyway....

If I had to sum up this collection in one word it would be cute.  I'm not particularly drawn to this plate but I do like the model stand image.  I could see a lot of girls that are into sewing falling hopelessly in love with this plate.

Ohhh a knitting plate! I like this because I am a knitter myself and kudos to the simple cable knits seen here.

A bit of expansion on the prior plate.  Still cute and in their own way these images are novel to the two other knitting plates I have seen one of which I own.  I will say though MoYou has done intarsia before in their Festive Collection.

This plate IMO is the most visually interesting and probably would be the one that would be the most fun to play around with.  Then you know I have a bias to abstracts right?

Finally a bit more of the same as the plate above but made for the smaller nail ladies. Second row 4th from the left image looks almost exactly like the tribal pattern from one of the Topatopa plates.

So what do you think of the latest offerings from MoYou this week?  I would say I'm not particularly blown away or drawn to anything.  I think the concept is cute, but compared to the Tropical Collection that I'm still fantasizing about this one falls short of my I must have to have it radar.  In any event these plates will be available Friday on the MoYou London website.  Plates retail for 4.99 GPB.  Discount codes are no longer active but you can take advantage of free shipping for orders over 15 GPB.  Happy hunting and see you next post...

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