Friday, August 22, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Zodiac Collection Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

I guess Virgos now have a reason to be happy along with the Leos!  That's right MoYou London has added another astrological sign to their newly minted Zodiac Collection.  For those that don't remember this collection launched a few weeks ago and each plate will be released on monthly basis off-cycle from their regular Friday releases.  You can see the first release here.  So let's take a look....

Aurora is back!  Her outfit is still super fly and yes I still want that hair ;)

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And just as I said when they released the Leo plate it's easy to see that all of these plates are going to be so gorgeous!  I love this one as well and so it's going on my wishlist.  I will be collecting them 2 at a time so I'll have to wait for the next release.  

What do you think? Another beautiful addition right? This plate is already available for purchase on the MoYou London website and as usual retails for 4.99 GBP.   Please please please try to relax if your month is not close.  I really want to slowly enjoy the releases and just the awesomeness that is the creativity team behind MoYou London!  And sometimes when we complain about the things that we don't have available for ourselves we can rob joy from others. I for one am just so enamored with this line.  Happy hunting and I will see you next post...


  1. Did they skip Leo? If they did I'm mad. lol

  2. Um no I put a link to it in the first paragraph - "you can see the first release here". They started with Leos :)


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