Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Pro Collection Expansion

Hey stamp champs,

Super quick post today just to show you the newest plate, yes singular, launching from MoYou London this upcoming Friday from the Pro Collection.  Apparently MoYou has been doing some redesigning which I noticed a few weeks ago - new live models, sneak peeks at a few new collections, up close images of nail art.  All very interesting and apparently gear towards what they are describing as a massive storm of releases, video interviews etc that will be happening next week.  In the meantime while waiting we can at least check out the latest offering from the Pro Collection......

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So here it is the latest Pro plate!  I like this one a lot.  It has a vaguely Tropical feel to it in large part I think because they used some design elements from that collection.  The beehive and bee are particularly cute.  This plate will be a pass for me however given its one of the small plates i.e. the images are the non-XL variety.  This plate will be available this Friday on the MoYou London website and retails for 4.99 GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post.....

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