Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Holy Shapes Nail Art Stamping Plates Collection Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Quickie today since I'm busy busy.  Just wanted to show you the latest plates from MoYou London from last weeks newly released Holy Shapes collection.

Olly's back with her love of 90's pop culture colors and styling :)

Sigh more of these smaller plates! Why MoYou why?  Thou hast betrayed me once again.  Not really lol.  These images are pretty cool and I'm a sucker for symmetry and geometry, but for whatever reason this week these aren't hitting me too hard.  Maybe I can't get into it because they are smaller though that hasn't stopped me before :/  The bottom row 3rd from the left is a familiar image from Bundle Monster.

This plate reminds me of barcodes! I like the images here a lot more, but again I'd want them in  the XL formulation.  Favorite row here is the middle.  Love that image second row second from the left!

Yas they gave it to me in XL sizing but no triangle with lines :(  PS a few of these images can be found on other plates.  That crosshatching looks like something similar from the Hipster plates though slightly off center from the original.  The curved lines lools like the manicure I just did using the Messy Mansion Leadlight plates. .  I guess the allure of these plates for those who have the images scattered about various collections would be having them all in one place.

And then you left me feeling so cold MoYou.  Sigh so many smaller plates this release even though there were lots of smaller ones last week as well :/  PS I'm so tired of dots/circles/balls.  I've had enough of this and houndstooth.  Makers please stop making so many of these plates!  The pro collection already has several dedicated to this theme.  Please seriously no more....

Sigh.  You can find my body buried beneath a pile of circles and dots.  Gah!

What do you think?  This weeks release was super flat for me.  All that momentum I felt was gained last week died a slow agonizing death.  I've always said rule number one of Lacquer Lockdown was not to bore me because if you do I'll leave you in the dust and  take my lusts for all the innovative plates in the world with me.  It's like Fight Club up in here except with plates and polishes.  Lol anyway these plates will be available on the MoYou London website on Friday.  They retail for 4.99GBP.  Happy hunting stamperistas and I'll see you next post....


  1. Totally with you; I'm not a fan of the shapes collection, but to each her own. I was super-pumped to see the Gallifreyan imagery on the Geek plate. I would buy the crap out of a full Doctor Who plate!

  2. Is it just me, or is any one else completely confused why this plate collection is called "Holy Shapes"? I was expecting a bunch of crosses and religious icon faces, and instead we get something that should have been part of the Time Traveler collection, or better yet, the Fashionista collection! And I am SO with you on the circles, dots and bubbles. I am tired of seeing them. How many different ways do we really need circles?

  3. No I think a lot of people wondered about the shapes but I think they meant it as Holy x, Batman! lololol I for oe am not a fan of the Fashionista Collection, but they said in the initial release this collection was inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air which is why it has that vintagey feel. In any case I'm hoping for something new and different this week :)

  4. I really did not like the Geek collection at all - even for 1 or 2 images it wasn't a collection that made me go I must have that not even for the elvish. Gallifreyan is also on a VL plate and their are Dr. Who images on the MJ's as well. I'm not part of the Dr. Who fandom so I'm not as moved by these images either lol. I did like the first weeks release though of the Shapes Collection, but for whatever reason the 2nd just didn't hit me as hard.

  5. Ugh, I thought I was the only one tired of circles, dots, and houndstooth patterns. There's only so many different images that can be made with those and they're all been done already. This collection in general is kind of a letdown though. Doesn't remind me of the 90's at all :( Btw, your blog is always so fun to read lol.


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