Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Holy Shapes Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

It's still Wednesday.  That means MoYou London is going strong on today.  If you haven't seen it already MoYou London launched their latest plate from the Zodiac Collection yesterday.  You can read about and view the Aquarius plate here.  Today though they launched a new collection called Holy Shapes and I for one am unbelievably excited.  I'm not even going to spaz and squee this time I'm just gonna jump right in!

Meet Olly.  I love her hair but she can take that sweater back to the 90's and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air where it belongs lol.  Sometimes I seriously question the fashion sensibilities of the MoYou London mascots.  But let pause for a minute while you sit right there and tell you how excited and thrilled I am to see a woman of color up in the mix! See what I did right there? Wink wink. Anyway how refreshing and novel this is I can't begin to explain, but it sure is awesome!

I'm already dead! Sheez these are the kind of patterns of love the most in nail art.  Abstracts and bold patterns that appeal to bright colors and sharp designs.   Some feel slightly wild and tribal and of course I want them all! Sheez why is this the smaller sized nail plates?

Saved, but missing some of the other patterns from the above plate that  was lusting for.  I am so happy to see that graduated line image.  I do that all the time with nail vinyls and unfortunately for me at least it feels like such a hassle so now I can just stamp it out onto my nails.  Hallelujah!

This plate actually reminds me somewhat of another one from the Pro Set that has very similar style images.  It's one of my favorites and I used it a lot during the MoYou London 31 Day nail art challenge.  Hmmmm.....

But the designs are definitely different! Ack I need this one to live! Gimme now.  I can already see the nail art I create with this one! Seriously tears of gratitude are rolling down my face!

Dammit no! Why did you end on a small nails plate again? Curses curses gah! *I'm sure you can picture me rolling all over the floor right now whining and thrashing right?* Shameful.  Lol.  

Well I'm in love how about you? The truth is basic shapes will always capture me because they allow you a lot of room to play without being "trapped" within the theme of an image.  I hope that makes sense for instance these images can become anything - themed, colored etc.  Sky's the limit versus say a plate that is themed only around a holiday or genre.  So these plates will be available this Friday for 4.99 GBP per usual.  Now the question is can I wait a week to see the other half of this potential rainbow?  Happy hunting stamp champs and I'll see you next post....


  1. I have a ban, I have a ban, I... Actually, I have some savings :) I will let them introduce the whole collection, see what it brings and take the best plates - it is like I could stop thinkinkg about the scotch tape and striping tape manis and switch completely to stamping! Like I haden't switched already a looooong time ago, haha!

  2. Finally a collection I totally love. This is the alternative to vinyls and tapping which I can't be bothered to do anymore. And like you mentioned, so many possibilities for bold colors, neons, negative spaces ooohhh I can keep going but better not or I'll explode.

  3. Lol! Yeah I like these plates a lot. It's not that I don't like nail vinyls and stuff but it just feels like more work :/ Can't wait to see the rest next week!

  4. Yup you said exactly how I feel about them too!


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