Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Geek Collection Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Ack it's my first new stamping plate announcement of the new year!  Yay!  It makes sense it would be for MoYou London too since it's Wednesday and they are the most prolific platemakers I can think of in the industry right now.  This time they are bringing us new plates from the recently launched Geek Collection.  So let's take a look...

Ok I'm going to be honest and say I don't really recognize most of the images on this plate.  I see power plugs and what might be coils/gears from a motherboard.  I also see one image that looks slightly like a circuit the kind you learn about in physics 100.  Lol.  Um.....yeah

Computer keys and signs some cuter looking typography here too.  I think but I'm not 100% that this is one of the smaller sized plates.

Yay game controllers and little apple products!  I wonder what this floral pattern is 3rd from the left top row.  The calligraphy looking writing I think is elvish a' la LOTR and of course there is the Spok hand gesture.

I have seen these scrolling type images before on Reddit feeds that show images just using computer characters and I'm always blown away.  It's crazy to think you can create a picture this way!

So what do you think? Now here's the thing I really wanted to be like super positive and all glowing in my first plate announcement of the year, but I really don't like this collection.  These plates just aren't doing it for me in terms of what I'd be looking for in my nail art.  I think the strength of MoYou London is that they make something for everyone just in this case I'm not one of those "ones".  In any case these plates will be releasing this Friday on the MoYou London website and will retail for 4.99GBP,  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. I can be called a geek myself but I'm not excited nor interested in this collection either. There's nothing interesting here, except the calygraphy image, which I think it's inspired from the LOTR typography. It looks like the one that appears inside of the ring. Also, I'm sure the flower pattern is the wallpaper that appears in the series BBC Sherlock. It even has the smile face that was drawn in yellow paint in the original pattern. ...Man, ...I'm more geek than I thought lol

  2. Lol it's ok I'm a huge geek myself. After I wrote this post I thought too on that looks like LOTR but then I was like that can't be right because wasn't this supposed to be computers and stuff. Lol I'm not a Sherlock Holmes fan so I definitely didn't get that reference. I'm actually a huge gamer geek and sci-fi geek oh and I guess science geek but these aren't doing it for me. They need to put some BSG or banelings on this thing I don't even know what I'm looking at here :/

  3. Honestly, when I saw the name of the collection on the email they sent I thought this would be a fandom/cartoon/anime inspired collection, which would be awesome because what isn't awesome about that? But then I saw this and I was like "me". There wasn't anything new nor interesting to me. The only things salvagin this collection, for me, are the two images we were talking about before, but I'm not going to pay 4.99 gbp for two images. I thik this whole collection should be scattered into other sets.

  4. I like the idea of the plate, but it doesn't really catch my attention. I think rather than focusing on the small things, they could have done something so much more. if they put more things that geeks truly understand, AKA - DnD, World of Warcraft, Old school games (Mario, Duck Hunt, Zelda, ect ect) I think it would have been really cool. But due to the licensing of those things, its difficult to truly appear to the geek crowds in the Nail art world. I like the set, but I think this is one of those sets where I can wait for them to be on sale or find them on ebay/alliexpress or something.

    Overall wonderful review! Loved it! *hug*

  5. I'm actually interested in 06 and 07. 06 is more geared to the computer tech geek with home sweet home written as an IP Adress in the upper right corner, and you have your texting shorthands (FTW, BRB). 07 has a bit (like a tiny bit) more fandom based items: Spock, LOTR, Doctor Who (or steampunk, depending on how you see those circles) and Sherlock. You have video games references: controllers, Donkey Kong background, game over, and Zelda life hearts. I like them, they are different, though I totally with there was more fandom/game based references but you are right, copyright issues.

  6. I think its a copyright issue as well. Oh well you and I both know there are plenty more plates we could chose to buy and I'm sure MoYou will come out with another collection next week that we are dying over. Lol they are always like this ;)

  7. OMG DnD would have been epic epic! Personally I am a huge fan of StarCraft so it would have made my day to see images like that or Zelda. That images that people are saying are Donkey Kong even I think that's a stretch. I actually still have my bother's old Atari with the Original DK and the images are just not quite there though the Zelda hearts are on point. Oh well! We need to have a girls day soon. January is a crap month for me though :/

  8. As I said there is definitely something out there for everyone which is why MYL is so awesome! These references are just to loose. I'm also not a Sherlock or Doctor Who fan though I know that fandom is big. I love the LOTR's elvish but not enough to just get a plate for that one image. I don't think the DK reference is that strong either since I grew up playing that game and had to strain to find the similarity. The other things like the controller and Game Over signs I actually have on other plates so I'm not revved up enough to get them. It's just a meh collection for me but I can see how a lot of other ladies would love this collection to bits and I'm glad you are one of them :)

  9. I tried to play Starcraft.... I can do it. I'm not that great, Though I think the art concept for Starcraft would have been amazing! And yes!!! DnD all the way. My boyfriend and I want to start a DnD session we just don't have a DM. And yes we do need to have a girls day. I'm sorry :( January is just a terrible month, the only day I appreciate in January is my birthday. Let me know when you are free!!! *hug*


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